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Hi There,

I have just been printing your Veddha 3090 bracket that I found on ThingiVerse and just realised that the file for downloading is the bracket for the top left and bottom right but I can see from the picture with the orange brackets you have printed both.

Do you still have the top right / bottom left STL available as I am about to refurbish my render nodes and would like to remount all the fans with this bracket as it's much better than the ones I have currently, more than happy to pay or donate for the file.

Thanks in Advance!

Hey Edd,

Simply mirror the file in your prefered Slicer. That's all it needs ;)
I think i've noted it within the description if i recall that correctly.

Feel free to leave a tip on Thingiverse or here on Cults.
You can also contact me directly on my website. All links can be found on my profile page.


Thanks Eve,

Feel a bit stupid now haha! (just got an AnkerMake from the KickStarter so a bit new to all this) Thanks for that and thanks for the quick reply, want to get these printed for the weekend.

Thanks Again,

Welcome to the 3D printer community. :)
And thank you very much for using my files, and the donation, really appreciate it!

Hey, I purchased your 6 invitational sledge file, I was wondering if it was possible if I could get a refund, I can't get the file to print correctly and the spiked plate sections are impossible to print for me and leave a mess on the print bed, sorry for any inconvenience

Hey Adam.
First and foremost, thank you very much for the purchase.

Unfortunately, it's a digital purchase and the files have already been downloaded. The purchase included everything as given in the description and they are truly easy to print.

All parts of this purchase consist out of absolute basic, easy to print shapes. They have been specifically split accordingly, so any basic printer can get the job done. I've printed them myself using a basic 3D printer, and my suggested/tested printing settings are in the description.

If you're having issues with printing basic shapes like flat surfaces, cubes or pyramids, most likely means that your printer isn't setup properly for the task, or needs maintenance.
I would recommend to read the official 3D printer manual to your printer, and/or watch tutorials on how to optimize your prints, or fix specific problems you're having. There are many 3D printing communities out there who are able to assist you. Reaching the point of printing a perfect Benchy usualy does the trick. Having issues with printing the spikes could mean that you're printing too fast, but that's hard to judge with the sparse information given.

If you have questions on how to print specific parts you're having issues with, i can try to help. But since all parts are pretty straight forward, i'm not sure where or how your prints are exactly failing.

Thank your for your understanding.

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