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i suggest you showcase your patreon work more, i was about to suscribe to it but i cannot see all the models you sell, i cannot just not know what i will be buying, i dont think showing them would do any harm since whats valueable is the stl download, not the png showcasing the model.

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Hi, thank you very much for the suggestion, all my models are available on my Patreon, on my Instagram you can see my latest exclusive models.


I bought the Skulldroid files from you. A question for you, would it be possible to get a 3mf file from the files suitable for the Bambu Lab... So that you can color them better so that you can then print them with the AMS

Thank you for that

Greetings Alex

  • 1 j’aime

Hi Alex, I will upload the 3mf files soon

Hi is there any chance you can half the head so i can print it larger x

Hello, which model are you referring to?

Bonjour ,bonjour, ils sont magnifiques !! c'est dommage qu'il n' est pas une soucoupe sur ces deux models aisi que femme fondu, pour recuperer l'eau , comme sur le model Flora

  • 1 j’aime

Hello, I will soon upload the bases to collect the water from my pots

J'en ai fait deux

Hola mi amigo. ¿Cuándo agregarás los archivos de impresión de Honnari y Skulldroid "print in place" a tu página de Cultos 3D?

  • 1 j’aime

Hola! Skulldroid ya esta disponible, pronto subiré a Honnari

Hello! So I’m having a little bit of trouble printing it without it failing for some reason. I’m printing on the p1p. The problem is the nozzle crashes with the curved part of the prints around the jaw area of the cyborg face. I love the file and would love to be able to print it.

Hi, too bad, maybe some maintenance to the nozzle or the filament you are using has moisture in it

I have buy the skulldroide 3d , missing file for stand.

  • 1 j’aime

Hello, here you can download the mask holder

hello what do you mean by layer 0.05 or 0.1 do you mean layer height or line width, im new to pla im used to resin printing.

  • 1 j’aime

Hi, I mean layer height

Bonjour , petite question, je voudrais imprimer les pièce séparée et faut il des supports pour le fichier skull ? D avance merci

  • 1 j’aime

Hi, if you print it in separate parts you only need to put supports on the headphones

Hello, I have tried today to become a Patrion with your website but for some unknown reason the subscription of £10.20 is not showing for my account, only £0.00, I am not signing unless the amount you are requesting is shown, sorry but too many scams out there, and any amount can be put in this box once subscription taken out. Kevin Woodham

Hi Kevin, I find it strange, my Patreon subscription is 10 USD

I bought your skulldroid printed it out and it was amazing. My wife had a thought of a wolf head on the outside that opened at the jaw and inside was a human face. She figured you might like that idea. Thank you again for the hard work on your files they are beautiful and amazing pieces of art

  • 1 j’aime

Hey thanks a lot! I think it's a great idea, I had already thought of something like that :)

If we subscribe do we get access to all files or monthly drops only?

  • 1 j’aime

By subscribing to my Patreon you will have access to all my STL files

LOVE these! any chance I can get the STL for the stand please?

  • 1 j’aime

Hello, here you can download the mask holder

Thank you

bonjour, votre modèle possède plusieurs couleurs, comment faites vous pour cela puisque c'est un modèle print in place ? A quoi ressemble le modèle si l'on a une imprimante 3D qui ne fait qu'une seule couleur ? merci.

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Hi, I paint my models freehand, with acrylic paints

Hi, I downloaded your skulldroid model I am having trouble slicing the complete print in place version, I am also having difficulty getting the actual skull to print if I try to enlarge it at all. I was trying to print one at 250% but for some reason Cura will only slice the skull at 100%. All the other parts are doing fine and not giving me any trouble. Do you have any idea what might be causing this?

Hi, I haven't heard of any problems with SkullDroid, and it seems strange to me, maybe you have to update Cura, or your computer is having difficulty processing the program

Hi, very cool model! My question is: I have a Bambu x-1c 16 color printer. Does your model support MMU printing, or is it strictly print then hand paint?

Thanks in advance!


  • 1 j’aime

Hi, thanks!
yes it is compatible to print a Bambu

I keep printing your masks, but I can't paint them.
I should box them all up & send them to

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I just purchased the STL file and I am getting some error codes in my Bambu slicer. Is there an update for this file? Im not looking for a 3mf file, I just want a normal file. There codes I am getting are infill errors and manifold triangles. Please help.

Hi, that's weird, it's the first time I hear that problem in that model, I'll check the file.

Здравствуйте, ссылка недоступна для получения разрешения для продажи)

Hello, here is the link

voce vende o stl do skull droid?

  • 1 j’aime

Esta semana estará disponible en Cults3d

  • 1 j’aime

Now available!


I am glad to contact you on behalf of our company.

We are Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. and we would like to show some models on our 3D printer's promotional webpage as an accompanying promotion for the printer. We really like your WILD AND TAMED, so we would like to inquire, is this model your original work? Can we use this model of yours to promote the printer? We will not sell your model, your model will only be used for promotion. If you also want your model to be seen by more people, then we can cooperate.

If there is something in the email that is unclear or you need our help, you can contact us. I will be very grateful if I receive your reply.

Wish you good health and happy life!

  • 1 j’aime

Hi Liudan123, thank you for contacting me.
The WILD & TAMED models are my original works, just like all my 3d models, I really like the idea and it would be an honor to see them in the Xiaomi Technology Co. printer promotion.
I think it would be great as a promotion for my PipeCox models.

For more details you can write me at

Best regards!

le skull droid est partager gratuitement ici

Thank you, it has been removed

skull droid do you have only in patreon

  • 1 j’aime

Hi, for now it is available on my patreon, but soon I will upload it to cults3d

Now available!

Hello, I would like to purchase the skull droid, what do I need to do?

  • 1 j’aime

Hi, for now it is available on my patreon, but soon I will upload it to cults3d

Now available!

Bonjour serait t'il possible d'avoir ici votre création du crâne avec le visage qui se refaire dessus comme un casque

  • 1 j’aime

Hello, coming soon!