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Attention les amis, il ne s'agit pas d'une messagerie privée mais bien d'un fil de discussion public. C'est un lieu d'échanges, merci de rester courtois et respectueux. Toutes sollicitations commerciales ou malveillantes sera supprimée. Bonne discussion !

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Hi pierre! I am Guille Silvestrini and
I start again with this new profile (siscalemodel) to separate my private profile from the commercial one.

So I ask for your help to:

1- migrate my designs from the old profile (guillesilvestrini) to the new one (siscalemodels).

2- Promote my new profile in some way ... I have uploaded my most recent work to the new profile ...

This creation has several improvements over the previous ones.

I wait for your comments, best regards!

Hey - Quick question - if I make change to my design and want to make the update available to everyone who has downloaded the STLs, is there any way to send out an announcement to all customers?

Don't forget to like and follow us! Every week we will be posting new models for you print! Thanks!


@Mendeleyev TOP!

@Mendeleyev amazing work! It's liked 💜

Hey @takis_lab you're welcome! 🙌

Hi!Thanks for the follow!

Hey! @THRMLstudios you're welcome. Congrats for your great creations!

Hi Pierre Thank you for the follow!

@Guguss33 nice models :)

not many people are downloading my models

Hey Francesco! It's done! This new design is superb, it'll be featured on our home page very soon too!

Hi Pierre! How's it going? Would you like to include my last vase in the best vase collection? I'd really appreciate it ;)

Hello dear friend.
I have the opportunity to invite you to subscribe to me as a patron:
You will be able every month to have a new 3D print model at the best price.
with best regards,
Alex Mendeleyev

@gibell, message is the best solution, if you need more help you can directly ask us here: hello @ :)

Is there any way to get the email of a user? I have tried to contact a user through message but there has been no response.

Thanks @Pierre, I will follow the rules.

Hello @arnsteff, thanks for your kind message, it's really motivating for us. Indeed it's against our rules to post models related to Nazis.

First i wanna thanks for following me and congratulations for this wonderful site. I am an 3d print addicted and this is sa my favourite place.
Second, i wanna question for you: I made a design for someone who collect 1:18 old car models, a figurine with Hittler. In my country it is porhibited to post something about nazis, including figurine or other things. Here, can i upload my model, without broke any laws or rules?
Thanks for all!
With consideration,
Stefan Arnautu

@adamantiz It's not available for now!

Hey Pierre, what has happened to the on site chat?
Hope you are all feeling well.

@StudioKubuz, you're welcome, thanks for sharing your amazing models on Cults! 🤘

Hi Pierre, thanks for the heads up. Means a lot to me. Best

@guillesilvestrini Congrats, it's really an amazing model! I'm sure our members will love it! 🚁

Hi pierre! I have developed a new creation!

Its a step forward in using of 3d printing for scale models kits... please take a look, and if you like it please help me to have more visibility.!

Best regards guille S.

Hello @carlosobalvos, We've well received your message to hello(@), we'll reply very soon!

I tried to buy a model from your page, but an error appeared and i didnt get the model. I tried again, and i the same happened. I then checked my bank account, and u have charged me both time, and i didnt get the 3d model. I wrote two emails to you and got no response.

Thanks for following me!

thank you for following me

Hey! You're welcome, you're really talented!

Good luck for your FS Campaign! 🤜 🤛

Hey Collin, thank you so much, it's much appreciated. Here we really love your work that's why you was featured on our home page, the great news is that all the members of Cults seems to love it too!
Thanks agains for your kind words, it's really motivating for us, now we can't wait to discover your new models! 😬

I just wanted to thank you guys for all the extra attention this month. Especially when you're a hobbyist, like myself doing this in your free time. It makes it all worthwhile To know your art is appreciated. Cults is the friendliest an open-ended site I've ever posted any of my designs on. And I look forward to posting more exclusives for you guys. Thanks again!!!


Hey Will, thank you so much for your message! I've replied to your email :)

I have been promoting Cults3D to a community of designers on the 3D Printed Tabletop community on Facebook. Many are looking for a place to sell their designs besides Kickstarter and Patreon... A competitor site has been trying to recruit designers to their platform, but they charge a fee to sell files there, which makes them a little sketchy.

Can you tell me how many people subscribe to Cults3D and how many visitors a month you have? I think that will help me persuade them to give Cults3D a try.

I am thinking about consolidating my own efforts to JUST Cults3D, instead of several markets because it is a headache to keep up with several and make sure they are updated. Is there any other advantages to being on Cults3D exclusively?


Merci de vous être abonné.

hi pierre, did you send the land rover discovery 2 from hora80?

Hey Francesco, nice idea, it's added :)

I've added a mechanical pencil, could you add to 'back to school' collection?


Hi Pierre
I see you liked my windmill and now it has an animated gif.
Did you do that? If so thank you very much, I hadn't thought of using animated gifs.



Solo tengo 14 años,no me juzgues

Dame likes porfavor;) :)

Just a idea
We should have a catagory series just on just works that have expired licenses weither it be patents , trademarks or patents as long as the rights are expired examples include lego , swiss army knives , chip bags , hotwheels , tonka , and many others and parts to things like cars , trucks & other stuff as long as all the patents & trademarks are expired , because 3DPrinting is the route we need to restore justice on the rights of the public domain

Bonsoir Malou,

Le support est super et la photo est belle, c'est pour ça que j'ai liké, mais je ne dispose pas de ce type d'enceinte du coup je n'ai pas besoin de ce fichier.

Merci de ta demande et bravo pour tes créations, c'est vraiment super et très utile.

Excellente fin de journée !

Bonsoir Pierre,

Souhaites-tu m'acheter mon modèle 3d JBL?


Just a idea
I was hoping you could design a version of cults 3D but one thats just for kids between ages 5-12 years old , because we need a 3DPrinting site thats filtered to be more familt friendly , and a way to make it easier for parents to monitor their kids

The problem is young children could have a lack of self declipline

thanks a lot

Plop !

Plop ?