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Hello, I like your pokemon models, you are going to make the missing Eevee evolutions.

Hey I made a couple modifications to your Porco Rosso model to make it print supportless. let me know if you'd like it.

Hello, do you have the pokemon lucario by any chance?
I want to download it

Do you have an option to purchase a commercial license if I wanted to print and sell the models?

would you be able to design a model of a fortinte skin for me?

Dear PatrickFanArt,

I have been working on a Pokemon game for a few years now and I am in need of a 3D designer.

Message me if you are interested in joing my project and would like to know more.


hello ^~^ I was curious and im reaching out to see if I would be aloud to use printed figures of your pokemon for pokeball terrariums that I make, ive made some for fun but haven't sold any but I have had a few requests for people to buy pieces ive made using your files as printed figures. I was curious if I was aloud to and if so I would credit you in each work made.

Hi! I run a small etsy shop and was wondering if you would be ok with me selling 3D prints of your designs? I would give you mentions in my shop and would only display some of your free models on my store as to not potentially lower your sales on your models. Would you possibly be interested? I noticed you said they are for personal use but figured I'd try anyways. I'm working with a few other designers and am tryin to make my shop one of the more successful 3D printing stores on etsy. I pride myself and quality and have 49 reviews that are all 5 stars. You can message back here or if you would like to negotiate you can email me at Thank you!

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Hola mucho gusto me gustaria hacer una modificacion al diseño para poder utilizarlo como base para una lampara te molesta si lo hago? This seller is selling your files claiming it to be their own.

Thank you for the information provided.

Hello Friend. Any chance I would see the Barons long lost love Louise in the foreseeable future. I would love a Baroness to go with my Baron :)

You can download it here

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your models are so super cute. I have been looking around and yours are in my fave for sure. I just wanted you to know that you have a true talent! keep up the good work! Also how much are commisions? I was looking for the labyrinth worm and can't find it anywhere. just curious. thanks and hope to hear back.-Valerie

Please send design drawings and reference pictures to my email and I will give you a quote. Thank you

Comment avec idmarker assembler les couleurs

bonjour je suis un profane de 70 ans je voudrais savoir comment imprimer en couleur le fichier doraemon lucky cat, merci cordialement ,cordialement jacques

It's just a rendered image

I suggest you to search "3d prints acrylics" on Youtube

Hello! I am wanting to print a model of Arriety (Secret World of Arrietty, but you already knew that im sure). I keep seeing all over google that you had made a model, a very good one at that, but cant seem to find a place to download it. I am willing to buy it if necessary. Please let me know :)

This is PERFECT! Thank you so much, just bought it. Please keep doing your amazing work, you are a very skilled artist!

What software do you use to make your models? I want to start making 3d art, any advice for a beginner?

I use Blender to make them. "Sebastian Cavazzoli" "Blender Guru" "CG Boost" "YanSculpts" are great Youtube channels to learn Blender 3D.

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can you lead me to a resource you may have produced that lists which products you use to prime, and paint your models? I am mostly curious which paints you use, brushes, sprayer, sandpaper etc. Thank you I love your models you have extreme talent.

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Hello friend, can you tell me which page you use to make your models and you can buy me my Wall-E model, it costs € 750, please, because I am raising € 600 to buy a 3d printer, please if you can help.
This is the link of the Wall-E figure

No me deja comprar los diseños ya ingresé la tarjeta y hace el cobro y luego devuelve el dinero

Hola amigo me puedes decir que pagina utilizas para hacer tus modelos y me puedes comprar mi modelo de Wall-E cuesta 750€ porfa esque estoy recaudando 600€ para comprarme una impresora 3d porfavor si me puedes ayudar.
Este el link de la figura D de Wall-E

Hello friend, can you tell me which page you use to make your models and you can buy me my Wall-E model, it costs € 750, please, because I am raising € 600 to buy a 3d printer, please if you can help.
This is the link of the Wall-E figure

Hi, I'm not sure if I get what you mean.
Could you please type in english?

Hola Patrick, me encanto el diseño del pokemon "espeon" pero no esta disponible, podrias ponerlo de nuevo, me encantaria imprimir uno.

Hi. This model is no longer available for download.

I want to buy the signature of arrietty

Hey this guy is selling your models for profit on ETSY. He does state that you are the creator of the model but i'm not sure if you have a contract with him or not.

If you do not have a contract with anybody, I would love to draft one up to print and paint your models for people who are interested in obtaining your work.

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I don't know this guy and these models are for personal use only.

Thank you for the information provided :)

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Hello, I'm seeing your venasaur and it looks perfect. I'm looking for a decent STL to print, paint and sell. Can I do this with your model?