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Oi, sabe me dizer mais ou menos quantas gramas de filamento usa se for imprimir somente o clitoris, com uns 5cm de altura?

  • 1 j’aime

Olá! Precisaria fazer uma simulação… e depende da configuração também… Mas com 5cm não seria muito, acredito que menos de 80g.

Hello, I would like to know if your 3d model Among Us is possible on ender 3

  • 1 j’aime

Yes, it's even the printer I have.

hola, cual es el tamaño del cuphead ? necesito ampliarlo a 20 cm y como esta en partes no se cuando debo aplicar cada parte antes de imprimirla.

  • 1 j’aime

Hola, no puedo contestar ahora mismo, pero mañana puedo enviarte un email en esta dimensión. Deja tu email para poder enviarte los archivos. Lo necesitas con 20cm contando la pajita?

  • 1 j’aime

Si, contando la pajita superior Gracias! .

  • 1 j’aime

¡Email enviado!

  • 1 j’aime

muchas gracias recibido

  • 1 j’aime

Your instagram profile has a problem with the link you put, Do you have a patreon? or page to subscribe?

  • 1 j’aime


it does not appear


Olá Ozvald. Meu nome é Marcus. ZAP +5511976360110. Tenho demandas para vc modelar fachadas de famosos prédios turísticos da cidade de São Paulo. Vamos conversar sobre esta minha demanda? Aguardo seu retorno. Vlw?

  • 1 j’aime

Hola buen dia, necesito esto mismo para la ender 5 pro.. No tiene el mismo encastre que la ender 3

  • 1 j’aime

¡Hola! ¿De qué modelo estás hablando? Deja el enlace aquí para que lo revise.

This works on the Ender 5.

En la publicacion dice para ender 3, ya he descargado otras pero no funciona.. en la parte de atras de la perilla, la forma donde encaja en el extrusor no es la misma del modelo, tiene otra forma

Lo siento, te lo debo entonces...

Thanks for letting me know. Fixed error.

Hi, is this model come with texture?
i want to do 3d color print

Hi, no... it’s just an obj file

Opa Osvaldo tudo tranquilo? espero que sim! venho aqui perguntar se posso adquir alguns modelos e adiciona-los ao catalogo da minha loja, deixando os devidos créditos na descrição do produto. Já agradeço desde já e tenha um ótimo dia meu caro! :)

Sup Osvaldo how are you? i hope you're well! i came here to ask you if i can buy some models and add in my store for sell, leaving the appropriate ones credits, thank you in advance and have a great day my dear! :)

  • 1 j’aime

Com certeza! Adquira todos os modelos que quiser e espero que tenha ótimas vendas! Caso precise de algum modelo customizado ou algo que não encontre, posso fazer para você.

  • 1 j’aime

Muito obrigado Osvaldo, e precisando eu irei chamar com certeza :) mais uma vez muito obrigado!

Thanks for subscribing!

  • 1 j’aime

You're welcome.

Hello, I would like to ask how much it would cost me to convert an nft in 3d to print and how long would it take?

  • 1 j’aime

Hello, it will depend on the complexity. Send me the image by email and I'll make a quote.

please send me the mail

  • 1 j’aime

Debería estar en stl :(

  • 1 j’aime

Hello, the site shows the file format, so you can check before downloading. But don't worry, tomorrow I can add the file in STL format for you.

In the Haunted chess set, the stl for the skull pawn is just a rib cage. No head or base. Help.

  • 1 j’aime

Updated. Please, can you check?

3D obj skull is still just the rib cage.

I made another update. Could you check again? If possible send me your email, if this error continues, I want to help solve it.

I figured it out. My software detected a mesh error and tried to fix it. The "fixing" is the problem. It was deleting most of the figure. Ran the STL through a different program did the trick. Sorry for the trouble. The problem program was XYZmaker 3Dkit for the record. Sorry again.

I am a small 3d business that promotes on social media. I really like your Koko and "GhostMane" prints. Do you allow selling of your prints?
We would love to showcase your pieces as well!!

  • 1 j’aime

Hi! I'm glad you liked it. Feel free to sell the already printed models, but not the 3d files.

  • 1 j’aime

Of course, as a 3D printer you never want to give your files away! Just not good for business lol
We will Print and paint the Ghostmane series and really show your pieces off! I hope you'll enjoy our work!

  • 1 j’aime

Hello I recently bought your ape nymar and it's fantastic however I was expecting it with the colors like the image is there anyway you can send me the one with it coloured ? Much appreciate also can you design custom 3d objects

Hello, I don't know of a way to do this with a 3D file, other than through the original project. To include the original project, the price would be much higher, exactly for the time that was made available for the project. The files made available on this site are for 3D printing use only.

can i send u a design for g17 full parts kit

I did not understand.

I would like to add this model to my Etsy store. Is there anyway I can get permission to do so. I will never sell without permission from the designer. Thanks in advance.

  • 2 j’aimes

You can sell it, I hope it sells a lot!

  • 1 j’aime

I just purchased the Balloon Dragon. When I load the circle version into Prusaslicer or Superslicer it is scaled quite small and rotated on its side. I can scale it to 1600% to fill the build surface of a Prusa MK3S, but the issue I am having is that another. smaller version of the model is off to the side and below it. I have broken the model into parts and have removed the extra parts individually, but when I drop the remaining model to the build plate there is an empty layer. I'd like to do a live stream printing your model on my Filament Stories TikTok channel, my children love balloons and can't wait to see your dragon come to "life". Thank you so much for your help, Courtney

  • 1 j’aime

What is the approximate size of the “circle” you would like to print? I can reschedule for you.

Oh, thank you so much for the quick reply! I'm printing on a Prusa MK3S so 200 or 205 would be wonderful.

  • 1 j’aime

Done! Just check your notifications or download again with changes and have a nice 3d print!

  • 1 j’aime

Thank you so much again! I was able to successfully print it last night after removing the extra model segments, but the version from you will be better, I'm sure. I also wanted to let you know, I just got done slicing it and I see three segments touching/overlapping. I was able to wiggle two of the three loose, but one of them snapped off (I was able to fix it). Here's a screenshot showing the three bits are overlapping: The print I did last night on TikTok live was enjoyed by everyone. They gave your model many compliments. My daughter is SO happy to have a Balloon Dragon. She loves balloons so there couldn't be a more perfect dragon for her!

  • 2 j’aimes

Thanks! Let's try that.
I used a tailor's tape, and found that a SNUG fit is 5.5" / 14CM wrapped around his wrist. What's the default size? I wasn't sure if shrinking it 20% or more would even fit him.

Any thoughts on orientation or supports needed?

We're new to 3d printing, and we have options for "no support" "build plate only, " and "everywhere" for support options in the toybox software/app... but I really don't know what that means, or what's necessary.

Like I said, this is a kids 3d printer. It's not CHEAP but it is limited... So I hope we can make it work. I can only scale, rotate, and copy any *.stl file I download.

I'd like to eventually get a better one like a prusa with the multicolor add-on and more software options so we can make better toys. Haha


Hello. My son bought this z ring model to print using a toybox 3d printer (mostly for kids). Unfortunately, the model is too large for us to even print.

I scaled it to 75% and the quality is very poor starting out and we stop it every time. If this is even possible with the overhangs and our "kids printer" I wonder if the scaling required makes it bad quality. Perhaps a higher quality 3d printer is needed...

If you don't have any suggestions for us, would you consider a refund? $5+ is significant for his allowance if he can't use the file for anything.

Thanks for any help

Hello. What is the diameter measurement (approximate) of your child's wrist? I can reshape it just for him and send it for free.

I saw you do commissioned amoung us characters, how much does something like that cost?

Hi! The price is a maximum of €1.00.

Hi! The tea diffuser can be printed in PLA?

Yes! No problem.

netfabb cant fix the model.

the squid cup

Hi! I can add this template in another format to make it work for you. I'll do that tomorrow as soon as I'm in my office.

New formats added!

Estimado, buen dia, no tendras algun diseño de among, con referencia a los participantes del juego de calamar, lo que salen con buso verde..

No lo tengo, ¡pero puedo hacerlo! Estará disponible a partir del 11/01. Lo agregaré al paquete Squid Game Among Us, no te costará.

  • 1 j’aime

¡Jugadores añadidos a PACK! ¡Imprime y disfruta!

  • 1 j’aime