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Let me ask you a question, would you make me a design if I send you a photo of what they asked me?

¡Sí, por supuesto! Puedes enviarme por correo electrónico desde mi perfil.

bonjour, le fichier paint 3D ne s'ouvre pas

Hi! Could you send me a photo of the error message to my email?

The design was restored and a new format was added.

Hello, I bought your model of the mouse louis from Suspects and I get an error, I cannot download the file, please could you help me, I would appreciate it very much

Hi! I really want to help you. Send me a photo of the problem and send it in my email, please. As soon as you arrive at my office I will correct it for you

ok, i sent a message in your email.

Hi, how big is this thing 1:1 scale after assembly?

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I mean the Skeld

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915mm x 470mm x 31mm

thank you

Hola, ¿ El archivo de la saveiro viene completo? ¿o solo es la rueda?

¡Hola! Está completo, el cuerpo del archivo era demasiado grande para el visor del sitio.

Your designs are inspirational

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Thanks a lot!

Only a pleasure

If I may, do you perhaps have any advice on how I can get more success in selling on Cults3D?

hola el pack de super heroes cuantos trae ?

Puedes hacer una lista de los personajes que quieras, yo hago un PACK específico para ti.

hi Osvaldofilho

i just bought your 3d octopus mug, i just saw that know an .obj file and i dont know how to open and send in my 3d printer to print. can you help me please?

Hi, can you open .stl files?

yess , please send me at .stl

Done, updated file!

Hola, como estas? me gustaria saber las dimensiones que tiene el diseño de la camioneta saveiro. saludos

Hola, imprimí en una Ender3, mide aproximadamente 150 mm.

My friend find a model "Among us Robocop" from your account and ask me to print. But when I look at all pages of your store I could not find that model of Among us robocop. Did you delete it? If not can you share me the link of that. Thanks !

You’re welcome

What about all of the hats that are on the "84 skins" download?

I have some deadlines for other projects a little tight and the ones I've already done didn't have the expected return.

Hello! Do you happen to have all of the hats you've made for Among Us in a pack?

Hello... do you by any chance have the Morty among us separate? I have every other one in that pack (that I bought from you) but not morty and the little guy 😢

Helo! I can do Louie with the Tribe hat. It will be available today.

Could you make to me a pack with DBZ, Naruto, DC and Marvel model from Among Us?
And what is your price?

¡Sí !, puedo hacerlo, ¡serán mis próximos proyectos!

agradecido estimado que este muy si a futuro hace con tematica de kinetsu no yaiba y mas de naruto aviseme por favor sobre todo de inosuke e itachi o tobi

Dear creator,
I just downloaded your post "Among Us-Police Skin" from this link :
But this is just ski and I could not find the body of Among Us. Can you tell me where I can find the body to download to complete the Among Us Police for my nephew.
Thanks & looking forward to hear from you soon!

Merci pour votre suivi

Thanks for your following along

Good day

Hi :D I just downloaded the Police Skin but du you have the Figure with the Police-hat to complete ?

Thank You!