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Could you make a 3d model of the windshield for the DeLorean? I'd gladly pay for it. I already finished printing your Ecto 1. Its really beautiful.

I did add the windshield. Let me know if you need changes. If you want to support me, you can buy one of my other designs. Thanks!

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Any chance you'll make a T-45 figure?

Not in the near future. I have a lot other projects in mind. Sorry.

bonjour c'est pour le code de la delorean j'ai pas réussi a le faire fonctionner quoi faire merci

Hi, In future I would want your Death stranding Sam on his bike with led lights but I don't have tools for do and paint it. Would be a problem if I pay someone to do it?

No go on. Please share the result with me. :)

Thank you very much :D, when he does it in a few months I will share it with you and if you want to see he will be the one to do it, he has already spoken with him too

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hi im building the delorean and just wondering what lights u used . im building it as 1.2 scale

Buenas tardes, quería preguntarte por el STL del anillo de Days Gone. Se imprime bien en impresoras FDM?

ımmm yuzuk kac beden acaba model hali

hey there just bought the file, is there any correct scale to print the ecto 1 for the matty collector/hasbro figures ?
do you have any fb page to give a few advices to us when you got a bit of time, and do you plan selling a ready to install electronic kit for that model as i really don't know anything about electronic ? thank you from france :)

hello.your handheld delorean time machine tool is very nice ... but I wonder if you have an arduino nano connection scheme for the lights you use. thank you if you share ...

Hello man,
Im working since few weeks on your Delorean project that you posted on thingiverse.
The thing that you’ve done with the WS2812B strip is amazing.
Could you give me more details about the arduino uno code ? How can i change colors individually with effects like you ?
Could you explain the steps please Im a beginner with electronics
Thank you very much !

Hi - I went to pay for the ecto-1 and it comes to over £9 when the page shows £8.77

could you double check the 54_protonpack_4x.stl file of your Ecto 1 design? Seems like there is a problem with the hollow model. Could you also include the solid model of the protonpack?

Thank you

Hi there i just bought the logan musicbox pen holder, would you mind if i found a modeller who would change it from a pen holder and make it look like the music box in deadpool 2. I have a customer who really wants me to print and paint this model and yours is the only one that i can find that resembles it. many thanks


Hello I just bought your FALLOUT X-01 POWER ARMOR

Could you please provide me the Revell inks ref. ? So I can paint it

Thank you!

Do you allow commercial use for any of your models? Was interested in using the helmet from the X-01 to remix for an custom action figure and potentially selling prints.

Hello.. the ps5 desing have a problem in a small corner.. can u repair?

Bonjour oneidmonster,

Pourriez vous me dire ou m'envoyer un document ou une photo qui montre comment vous avez souder les led pour le miroir sans fin du talis s'il vous plais? je vous en remercie par avance

About 22cm -> 1:10 scale

Can you tell me what scale/size is the X-01 Power Armor model?


Bonjour j'ai acheté votre modèle de la voiture de ghostbuster et j'aimerais imprimer les pneus en tpu et les jantes en pla serait til possible d'avoir les 4 jantes et les 4 pneus séparés merci cordialement

You need to upload the .ino file on the adruino with the Arduino software. You best check out a youtube tutorial for how to do that.

Hola, no veo en las instrucciones como programar la placa Arduino.

Hola, no veo en las instrucciones como programar la placa Arduino.