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Hey for the gyrados any way to get a stl file made of it kind of cured up for larger prints?

Hi there, just had a question about your Leafeon model. I have access to a full-colour powder printer, which takes textured .3MF files. What format is the file available in? Is it a textured mesh format?

What kind of filament did you use on the "ARTICULATED ONIX POKEMON"?
Thank you for your help, Thora

it's made with clear blue resin

ola, gostaria de imprimir e vender miniaturas impressas em PLA, você autoriza???

Hello good morning, I'm a fan of your work.
I wanted to know if you plan to make a 3d model of Digimon (Omnimon), I hope so :D

For your articulated steelix, does it need supports when printed on a FDM printer? thxs

Hello! I bought your model recently, but I had some issues with the print. I printed it in an anycubic photon mono SE. The thing is some links cured with no articulation, specially in smaller places like the tail. What could I do? do you think I need to scale it up or should it be printable and made to work as is?

Hello, We are a company that produces filaments for 3D printers. I wanted to ask for a permission: we love your project and would like to buy it, 3D print using our filament and publish the photo after printing on our website. We would mark you as an author under the picture.

Hello! Of course, it would be an honor! Please let me know when the photos are online, I would love to see the results :)

Thank you. We will :)

Hello there! I bought the steelix model, if i have a resin printer, do i need to use supports? Or just print it like that?
Thanks! Awesome work!

you can print it like that! You may need supports for the legs, I would recommend printing the version with separate legs in resin

Hello! Thank you for letting me know! I have fixed the model and re-uploaded the files :)


I am designing a pokemon game and would like to know if you may or maynot be able to assist me.

Your talent is defiently needed and I would love if we can work together.


Are your designs printable with an extrusion PLA printer? Thanks

Thank you for this amazing work!
Have you some recommendations for orientation and support of Glaceon and Leafeon?
Thank you.

Are these prints primarily for filament or resin printers?

Hi! Fairly new to print in place. With the print in place Rayquaza, do you need to create supports and such in a slicer? PIcture suggests it is just on the build place but wanted to check.

no, you shouldn't need supports :)

Could u make a articulated mega rayquaza with the whisker being a slid on or insert pieces.

Could u make a articulated mega rayquaza with the whisker being a slid on or insert pieces.

Hi where i can get onix model for u

hey i have a problem with the machamp im using lychee and his headfins are starting from the bottom and going all the way up leaving theses layer line on his skin and to his mouth lychee said there would be problems with it but my lychee can't fix these problems i was wonder if you could re send me a new fixed flie

Hey! Sorry to hear you're having a problem, I'm not sure exactly what you mean though. Can you send me a screenshot? Feel free to write me on Instagram or Facebook @mypokeprints and I'll try my best to help!

I purchased and downloaded the files. When put in Cura, it will not allow me to move or resize the print. It will only allow me to slice it?

Hey, sorry, I just saw this message now! I have not heard of this problem and I'm not sure what is causing this, but it sounds like a slicer problem. Have you tried other models or restarting the program?

I want to print the giratina in origin form in seperate parts. there are locks in the files but no keys on the wings....why???
this will be extremly hard to glue together

Hi sorry to hear your having a problem! I'm not sure I quite understand the question, I've made this myself in pieces and didn't have a problem gluing it, the claws with the wings fit into the holes on the body, you just need to make sure to remember which one is which.

Sur le modèle Darkrai
Le fichier body up n’est pas à l’échelle
Étant novice pouvez vous me communiquer la procédure ou mieux m’envoyer le fichier corrigé


Hello. What is the print file format of your Leafeon. It's ZIP, are you sure? Bye

there are stl files inside the zip folder, it makes it easier to download

Hello for the 3D Dialga print what were ur settings i tried printing it but ultimately fail

hi, sorry, I didn't see this before! The settings depend on the print and material you are using. I have a phrozen sonic mini 4k, printing anycubic grey resin, and use 20 seconds bottom layer, and 1.6 seconds per layer after at 0.03mm layer height

Amazing job!