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i love your 3d models, i was curious if you still had one of the folding glock that was functionable? i live in the united states and have completed a number of 80% builds, but not a glock yet.

I am passionate about airsoft I have a kjw g23 replica I would like to know if you could make this model compatible with that replica, it would be great, I would actually even pay for something like that, thank you for your work

Fernando Cabezudo de Uruguay ;)

slt J'ai tel ton fichier terminateur ruger parcontre le tube originale ar15 ne s'adapte pas sur le filletage du corq du terminateur ?

c'est quoi la taille d'origine du mini-roni-carbine-conversion-for-most-gbb-airsoft-pistols

Hey lad, love your prints. I saw you had a functioning MP22 slt, was wondering if you could link me there if that's alright. Thanks!

yo, i like your work. could i get the files for the mp 22

hey getting ready to try to print your kar 22 an notice you said to msg you for working files. it would be greatly appreciated if u could share these. an love you work just found your profile an will be trying alot of ur designs.

also the mag holsters need bolt holes a picatinny spacing with nut holes on the other side

hey ive been playing with your mag rail holsters i like it alot , see a need for a specif recover tactical 20/20 model i love the factory mag release go take a look what recovery sells maybe make a better version ? idk like to see you sell this and the other models too i see a big market for them

bonjour dsl de vous déranger ont peut ton trouver la version du pistolet 22lr fonctionnel gratuitement

Hey Mussy, Awesome stuff. I want to build the OSS Flying dragon, but it seems like a lot of the items arent on eBay anymore. Could you provide a more detailed parts list so I can get them elsewhere?

Hi if you ever get a chance I would love to see a pd printable micro roni/Sbr system for the sig p320 compact. I haven't seen any 3d printed parts for that gun and my cad skills arent good enough to make one myself sadly :(

Sending love from the other side of the world. Australia
Great work, so many good designs and future builds for myself.
I sent you an email. I hope thats ok.
Thanks again keep up the awesome work.

Salut, je viens de voir ta réalisation pour le 10/22. C'est super je suis dessus depuis quelque temps avec quelques protos. Je n'arrive pas à trouver ton groupe sur keybase as tu un lien? De plus pour le 10/22 est il possible d'avoir un step ?

Greetings from down in New zealand. Hope all is well. I was having a look through your designs. I am very Impressed. Would love to build your MP22 with fictional parts. Could you please send me in the direction I could find them? Meany thanks.

Hope to hear from you.

Hola Vi tu publicación del arma 22 me gustaría que me ayudarás para obtener el archivo funcional

Bonjour, où puis je trouvé la version mp22 réel? Merci

Hey I'm trying to 3d print the standerd mp5k foregrip. I saw that you made your own and I was wondering if you had or could make a 3d model of the standerd grip?

I got a idea for your bungee balls , if you want to do a partnership thats fine after i am done with my workload of personal projects , i was thinking of doing a release my version of a acessory of it in the spring or summer , but i dont want to talk too much about it in public so how i will talk about it is either through my twitter dm @TimPatAlPostma or my facebook messenger @TimsterPostma & we can discuss more about it over theyre

the release date can be negotiated earlier on if i can make ends meet , but i need to print the 1st copy of my version of i am the inventor or my version

But if your not comfortable with that do let me know , but it will not be a prop but rather a functional launcher & thats all i have to say about it in public