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Minotaur tank

It looks pretty cool!

I saw it and thought it would be a good idea for a project if you had nothing else going on and wanted to.

Though I don’t want to force anything on you.

Hey man,
Love your work. Absolutely amazing. One question. Do you have a file for a tank turret that fits your bodies? I cannot find one.

If you look in my Big Tanks collection you will find it next to the bodies.


Just checking, Lycheeslicer is warning me that the Imperial Cruiser models as well as the other spaceships have holes that is in need of repair, is this something I need to repair myself or is this a false red flag I can ignore?

The spaceships have been designed as multiple parts, as I did them before resin printers had become wide-spread and are 'hollowed' by default. Therefore any assembled hulls also have these gaps.
Unless used with FDM printers, I recommend Italianmoose's or Soul Forge Studio's spaceship designs instead.

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Hello, this is a fantastic model. I incorporated it into a kitbash which is on Thingiverse which includes a link to your project in the description. Please let me know if you'd like me to add any more info. Thanks for making your design available for free.

Glad you like it and were able to incorporate it into something new.
I don't think any additional info is required, thank you for inquiring.

Hello. I love your designs thanks for making them! I have a vindicator tank and had the idea that I could paint it black but magnetize the side panels in order to use it for different armies. Trouble being getting a second copy of the side panels without buying a whole 'nother tank. I saw you do an epic scale vindicator and was wondering whether you could separate the side pieces for me in 40k scale? As someone who doesn't design I'm not sure if this is a simple request or super difficult so thanks either way.

That is a good reminder that I forgot to attribute the design I remixed from, a feature that I would like to see cults inplement. You can find the sides in here

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ah brilliant you're a legend thanks!

The sides will need to be scaled to 89% to fit my laser-vindi middle

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Hi, many of your barrels and round models have low polygons. Is there any option to get smooth barrels?

TinkerCAD maxes out at 64 sides to a pipe so unfortunately that is as high as I can go. I do not find it to be noticeable after a coat of primer and a paintjob.

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Wow i have no idea that you made it in tinker? great job then

Thank you for your designs! They are superb!

Are you planning on designing the epic imperial tunnellers ?

Kindest regards

I've considered it

Hello! Sorry to bother you, but I have a question concerning the artillery middles. When I opened the files, after having extracted them, there doesn't seem to be the Mkhand griffon with the gunshield like in the renders. Is there something wrong with the file or am I just missing something (which is quite possible!). Thanks in advance.

It should be in there as Mkhand_Pattern_Griffon_Middle_1.0_Closed_Hatch.stl

Having opened it, it doesn't have the shield. It's like the middle but flat. Its like the one in the left of your render.

To clarify the middle section is there but it hasn't got the upper bits to shield the gun and crew. perhaps sending a picture might help, if so let me know.

NEVER MIND! I FOUND THE BIT I WAS LOOKING FOR! It turns out I was looking for the "unarmoured carrier" bit. Sorry.

I might have to go through and rename some of the files considering I didn't even find the right one

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Lovely stuff! did you ever make a plasma sponson?

I never did, although I recall two or three people did some that were compatible

Nice plastic Thunderhawk conversion bits, I just bought the files. Would you consider modelling the ‘Thunderhawk Cannon’ too please? Originally 40k Thunderhawks came with two weapons options of this or the laser. The new plastic kit only has the laser option. The 30k AU Epic legion lists have the option to take Thunderhawks with either main gun option in game so it would be nice to have the option.

Unfortunately, I've already assembled my thunderhawk. If you are able to take a picture with some measurements of the laser destroyer (so I can make it fit the plastic mount) I should have no problem making a thunderhawk cannon.

Are you wanting a photo of the plastic AI Thunderhawk gun or the one of the 40k model? I'm confused... I've assembled my plastic TH also but I could buy another one and measure things?

I am referring to the plastic Aeronautica hawk. If you buy another, I'll happily take pictures.

Hello there. pretty cool files you have. I downloaded the tracks for the lemon russian tank. and in lichee it tells me, it has "structual issues" i can`t fix it there and nowhere else. What program do you use for a successful print?

I use Prusaslicer for supports and Chitubox for slicing

We're playing 5th edition 40k, and back then Griffons could take an enclosed crew compartment. Any chance that you could add such an option to the mortar carrier for your self-propelled artillery middles? I know it may a super niche request, but it has doubly the benefit of not needing to model vehicle crew.

I will put that on the list of To Do

Much appreciated!

A version with open hatches for your Interstellar Army Mk IV Mobile Bunker Builder would be nice... I just have to equip all my tanks with commanders.

It does come with open commander's hatches for all turrets. I should have included them in the renders.

Great. Thx for clarification.

hey i have a question, if i was converting your prints to be normal 40k sized what size percent should they be?

500% if my math is right

For the 6mm malcador tank, how much would you need to scale it up for 28mm?

I'm flattered, but Danny Cyanide's Sigilate tanks will be much better for you.

can the AA mount fit on a normal hydra body?

I do not know as I do not have access to plastic hydras. I imagine it would be a tight fit at best.

If you can make a logistics (or an unarmored vehicle in general) that still looks as STC compliant as possible, but isn't on the usual tracked chassis of a centaur or chimera, then I would be blasted. I am hard pressed to find one that (though it does work well) isn't just a World War vehicle. I noticed STC compliant vehicles tend to rarely have windows, only view ports... Taurox as an example.

Merely a suggestion, I wouldn't know what to make of it.

Thanks for uploading these.

Remove the turret ring from the top and you've got a good supply truck

Hello. Great work on the aironauticus weapons file. Is there any chance you could make the wing and nose lass for the vendetta? Iv found all versions except that type. Thank you in advance

I'll see what I can manage when I crack open my box

Hey quick question.
What scale should the Russell tanks be printed to closely match there plastic versions?

I've never sculpted any infantry, those look liķe Wake's. You can find his emporium on gumroad.

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My apologies, it's just a mistake, I mistook you with another guy.

Can a commander fit in the opened hatch of the Russ turrets?

Plastic tank commanders will need some trimming of the bit that connects to the plastic turret, but printed commanders will fit quite well.

Do you know any specific ones? I haven't really seen any commander models on here

Awesome to see you getting into modeling for Battletech (always wanted to convert a Leman Russ). Hope you keep modelling for the hobby and if you take suggestions for your next mech... Hunchback...


the stl model Epic Scale Gorgon v2 is not exactly as on the picture. You might upload the updated version of the Gorgon.

Thank you , you have great models.

It turns out since I imported it from my (now deleted) thingiverse account, Cults for some reason uploaded it twice. I've removed the redundant upload.

Have you considered modeling the Samaritan? It's the ambulance variant of the chimera, I think it's a great companion to the other recovery vehicles.

Of course

Oh cool. I've thought about ways to kitbash one, but a well made printed style would be amazing.

I won't promise it'll be done any time soon, but it is on the big list of "one day".

I and a group I'm apart of are impressed by your talents. Is there a way to professionally contact you through email?

If you are inquiring about commissions, I don't do them. I may or may not do it if I like the idea and have both the time and energy.

I don't do 'merchant' licensing either. It has the potential to draw too much unwanted attention from lawyers and white knights.

That is a shame, but understandable. Still like your work though, keep it up :)