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Hello! Does the 6/8MM LUCIFER PATTERN CONFLICT DELIVERER WARMECH fit a GW Titanicus Nemesis Warbringer? Thank you!

Hey mate, thanks for purchasing the Tech Shanties. Very curious to see what you'll do with them. :) Please share pics when you're done with them.

Hello, when are you going to make the Warmaster model? It would be cool. pattern warmaster titan

Hello, I am interested in learning to mesh and mix files for epic scale, and I was wondering if I could get your permission to put your blood pact head on the auto cannon weapons team guy. I would like to add some traitor guard weapons teams to my epic army to use against my son.


Mr. Rainey

Greetings Miffles_Makes, I am a big fan of your 6mm stuff a lot, it has helped me bond with my father and has sparked my full interest in 6mm wargaming, From this interest me and my father have started working on creating a similar game on scale and scope to epic Armageddon, with the main goal of making a game simple to understand and extremely easy to access to our local community, for this however we require miniatures to bring the universe we have created to life, and we thought it would be prudent to ask you about commissioning to you the miniatures for our wargame, we would have to first know if you are open to take comissions and of course discuss the pricing first, i would like to know if there is any means through we can comunicate properly, if there is any form please let me know.

I sincerely wait enthusiastic of your answer, sincerely, Luca Revelli.

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Hi. Thanks so much for the stuff. Brilliant! I'm currently heavily modding your dreadnought. It's not great (I'm a MeshMixer total noob), but it does the job at 6mm. I could send you the files for you to look at if you want. Is it all right if I post them with a link to your site? I won't take donations, just direct them to you? It seems a shame to spend all this time and only have me using it. Thanks again and have fun. Cheers. Kipples.

I remixed a Vulkite for the Lucifer carapace mount. Would you like it?

Hey mate do you have a commercial licence I am in Australia’s and interested in your work

Hi There, Just bought the lucifer pattern warmech. Do you have recommendations on how to angle this for best printing in resin?

Miffles I bought your siege robots and remixed them to look like castalax and thanatar. Do you have an email etc I can show you? Im excited to share.

@Kaal_1 there are slots in the body for standard 3mm×8mm magnets and slots in both the arm and shoulder weapons for standard #6-32 machine nuts, both of these can usually be found at hardware stores, you can use this setup to attach the weapons via magnets to allow them to be swapped at will


I don't understand when you say that we can use Nut for the arm of the Lucifer pattern giant robot. I need screws too ? Can I use magnets? If so, which size ?


@Kommandant sorry to hear you are having trouble finding the right parts, try searching for #6-32 machine nuts without the mm, should work better


I've been trying to find 6x32mm machine nuts for the6-8mm Overlord, but to no avail,I keep getting results such as 'M5, BS3952, M12' and the like with no idea if these would work, so cant find any 6x32mm nuts, would you have any suggestions on what I should be searching for online?

Many thanks,


I have been a long standing fan of your work for a time, more specifically your fallout models, as a result I wanted to express an interest in a commission, or even a series of commissions over time, I realise they are currently closed, but I figured an expression of interest would at least go some way!

I have found your Power Armor set an invaluable tool due to the lack of access to a true kit for the T51 set of armor, and was hoping to get a commission rate estimate to make similair kits in the future, based on that model! More specifically for T-45 power armor, another fairly common power armor in the universe, and another people would likely appreciate a model existing for.

I hope to hear back from you soon

(PS, if this is a duplicate message, my apologies, thingiverse is not a good site for messaging on, and has repeatedly told me the message couldnt be sent due to a non-existent captcha, If possible il try and find an easier way to talk)

Hello, any chance you may make a transport version of you excellent FLAMEHAWK BOMBER?


I recently bought your '6/8MM LUCIFER PATTERN OVERLORD WARMECH' model. I plan to make this on a 28mm scale (I have a large FDM printer), but the resolution of the modeling seems to be low (I'm sorry I don't know the detailed terminology about 3D modeling), but do you have a higher resolution model? The 3D model photos you upload will look high resolution.

Thank you.

Just purchased the Lucifer pattern mech. Looks amazing and cant wait to print this beauty!

I love your work, your aCadians and Cosmo knight initiates are excellent at any scale from 6mm to 15mm and maybe even more... Do you do a comissions and if yes, what is the cost? I have in my mind a side project and I need some generic Cold War soldiers, lets say about five poses (commander, standing rifleman (aiming), standing GPMG/LMG gunner (shooting from the hip), kneeling RPG/AT rocket gunner and laying dead) with two weapon ranges - "east" and "west" or maybe only one set with posed hands but without weapons (as I would like to make different weapon options later)... is it possible?


Hi, any chance that you'll create a Lucius Reaver titan?