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i just wanted to report to you that someone is selling your STL file on etsy:

Thanks so much for flagging this. I have to sweep through there periodically to flag these, and the jerks selling the free files are the worst. At least the ones stealing and selling prints are contributing printing. I'll get this shut down. Thank you again.

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hi, idk were else i can find you, i would like to sell your printed design on istes like etsy, obviosly we would split, are u interested? awesome works anyway :3

Thank you for the great feedback. Yes, I'm definitely interested in partnering with makers to sell prints. My current route is a Fabrication Partner tier on my Patreon page. I've capped this one at 20 participants to keep down internal competition. This tier is $15/ month but also includes collaboration on modifications and new designs that you think will sell. Since I've only had one long term Patreon at this level, I'm aware that the price may not be for everyone, and I'm open to discussing other terms with my first few partners. Please let me know what you think, and thank you for reaching out.
Morgan Epps (aka MerganMcFergan)

I was excited to hear back from you. If this portal doesn't work, let me know if there is a better way to connect.

Hi, sorry about that, for me this is a busy period, anyway sorry again but I can't spend 15$/month rn, I hope u'll find others that will join you :)

No worries, life is always busy these days. The goal is to partner with fabricators that will make a whole lot more than $15/month off my designs, and I know that will take a pretty big print shop. If things shift on your side, please don't hesitate to reach out. Until then, happy fabricating to you!


I saw your design of the mini scooter, How do you attach the wheels as to the frame,

It is designed to print in place (with some support.) I provided the broken down files for anyone doing multi-material prints, but the solid file should work for single color shooters. I hope that helps!

Hi! I saw your design on a Facebook post and knew my wife would love it. She did. Some of the posts asked for a wet palette. I'm in a CADD program and I thought I would design a wet palette that riffs on your design as my final project for a Design for manufacturing class if that is OK with you?

Absolutely! If you think of it, please send me a pic or copy when you are done. I would love to see your evolutions.

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