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Hi I see other people have asked for them to be single STL files has this been done and if so How do I get them I have paid for the hole lot but as with others I need to print only some not all Best regards

Do you have an image or drawing of the finished, assembled tool, with dims? I am not sure if this is going to work for me. what I am looking for is a paper corrugator, for paper that is 43 mm wide. I want the corrugations to run in the width direction. So are you saying that the incised roller is the Y dimension, 130mm? how deep are the corrugations? Thanks so much.

how do I just print the sections that i need instead of loading all of them?

bonjour, j'ai telecharger l'onduleuse mais au montage j'ai beaucoup de soucis, j'ai ete obliger de couper 0.5cm du bas pour mettre le rouleau bas et les trou sont a peine trop raprocher impossible de l'utiliser

Hello. I am interested in buying your creepy metal finger glove extension. Though I have noticed that they are no longer in stock. Here's my proposal: I have a special request, I was wondering if you could make a pair of finger glove extension resembling this if not, I would like a model of the original one you have made

any way to get Articulated Skelington hand 3d model?

I have added a photo of the orientation of the track to the listing. It will fit fine on your build plate. Just separate the tracks and print them individually.

Hi thanks for the reply my build size is 220x220x300 i would like to use them all if possable


Please send my your max build size and which ones you’d like to use and I’ll have a look if it’s doable.

down loaded your 00 Gauge Iron Girder Rail Bridge but not able to print it as it will not fit on my ender5 plus it is to big could you
split it up to make it smaller please


Hey there!! What happened with the articulated fingers? Bring them back please

thanks for posting pics!!

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