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quick question about your sniper bouys, I don't understand a point: are they in parts? Or is it only the head and body wich are separated? Are the weapons already stuck to the bodies?
Thank you!

The body, head, left arm and right arm are all separate parts. Do note that the body consists of the torso, legs, and cape, which are all connected.

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ho well better than I expected, your models are gorgeous by the way, I think that I'll buy a few in a not so distant future ^^
thank you for your answer!

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Hi, I bought the Iron clad set, and I love them. On the left arms for bolters, can the forearm guard face down? Right now they are facing left, was wondering if possible to get them with facing down.

Unfortunately if the forearm guards are rotated downwards then they clip too much with the back of the hand.

Your truescale legs, Are the primiaris scale or the new mark 6 scale

Mk6 scale

I just purchased your iron clad models. What combo do you use to get the chainsword in one arm and bolter in the other? I am at a loss to get it right...

Thank you,

you can use a chainsword arm with the chainsword attached, then take a chainsword arm and mirror it and attach the bolter there.

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Mirror!!!! Thank you sir! Can you tell I am new?

😂 we were all new at some point. If you don't have a software in mind yet for this sort of thing, I recommend Microsoft 3d builder if you're on a windows computer. It will allow you to mirror parts and assemble them before you print them.

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I just downloaded it. Thank you for the suggestion!

hi love your work im looking for a new 3d printing software what do you use to design your models?

I use blender to model all my stuff. Most of it is done in hard surface modeling, only a few parts are usually sculpted

Hi Matt - I had just posted up on Dakka about being annoyed with the new Mk VI plastic Heresy models from GW being taller and out of scale to the previous Mk III and Mk IV models, and someone pointed me to your Truscale legs. Looks like the link was removed right as I was about to purchase, so just wanted to check and see if you would be putting those back up at some point?

Thank you!

Yea, I was made aware of that and decided it would unfortunately be safer if I took them down in case someone from GW saw. Join my discord server, I'll work something out there. This goes for anyone else who may be hoping to get them- join my discord server and we can communicate there.

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hi love your work im looking to get them on pay day but i have a question, are the shoulder pads already on the arms or can i switch them out?

It might depend on the product but most of them should not have it attached. Some of the eliminators may be an exception

Hiya, when will you release the third generation torsos?

The torsos (and most of it) are actually finished, but I'm waiting to finish two more parts before I release a set. That may be a while though since motivation is lacking 😢

Hey first i wanted to say that i am a big fan of your work. I bought the true scale tactical legs and I absolutely love them. (Even if I have scaled them 5% down) Could you imagine making more true scale legs for firstborns in the near future? For example, I would be very happy if you would offer heroic poses or devastator legs for sale.. Stay safe and keep up the good work. :)

great job man!


Howdy MattPantser, I come on behalf of my fragile conscience.

BACKSTORY: I have fallen in love with the Warhammer 40k Universe and all that encompasses the hobby :D

PROBLEM: I have been trying to navigate in understanding through their Intellectual Property, Copyright, and all the other stuff that says "this is mine not yours" stuff.

QUESTION: I would like to buy the STL Files for the Emperors Children conversion but would like to know what you have discovered in what is legal and illegal in selling conversion bits with what I understand to be their iconography...right?

Humbly Seeking
- One of the Emperors Faithful


Since this is a somewhat complicated question, could you message me on discord or instagram and we can discuss it there?

Discord: Mattpantser#8912


Howdy Matt, I sent you a friend request on Discord.

I am EnTaro on there.

Thank you for allowing me to befriend you on discord at chat about this 🙇🏾‍♂️


I've ordered the reaver, when will you release the final version ?

any chance you could sell the STL of just the infiltrator backpacks?

Hey Matt,

Thanks so much por making this model! I also use the blender and I know the headache that you may be having with it. Just here to say that you're making great designs, keep on it!

Thank you! I haven't been doing as much work on the reaver because I'm working on some phobos-pattern armor for primaris space marines which are almost finished.

It's really great! I bought the model to give support, please keep this great Job! I'm thinking of printing the reaver in real scale size. I can show some pics of my 3D printed warlord titan. Play as emperor's children, it's really gonna be fun making a giant pink robot.

I think in order to get 40k scale you'll need to size it up by about 470%. I can't guarantee that it will still look good at that scale but you can always sand it to make it smoother

hello your work is nice :), but not possible to download it tells me corrupted file :(

I'm sorry to hear that. However, when I download the zip file it doesn't seem corrupted. I would try redownloading it. If that doesn't work, I'm going to be uploading an update with some files supported in the next few days. I'll make sure to include a .7z and a .zip in case the zip doesn't work. If you still are unable to download the file, message me again and I can send it to you through mega or google drive (:

it's good I just tried again and everything is ok :)

hello your work is nice :), but not possible to download it tells me corrupted file :(