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No problem and or I can post it with my design. Let me know if you want me to post your name as credit.

Do you mind if I post the modified end plate for the ryobi battery?

I think I can post it inside my design photos on Cults.

I have it completed but Cult wont let me post a photo or a make of it.

If you can share a link to the image, perhaps I could add it to my design photos.

I did some looking and It looks like you can post makes of items in the Naughty category

here you go

I don't see a link. Perhaps Cults stripped it from the message? Is there a way you can spell out the link in a way that doesn't look like a link?

it says waiting on approval

This is great and your version looks great!

thank you

OK thanks for the update. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Ok I've uploaded a 25mm taller electronics divider. Like I said one endocarp might be short too so please let me know. What kind of printer are you using?

I am doing it all on a Prusa MK3. The short end cap is the one with the battery holes. I used the blank end cap to design my own for my battery choice. I set mine up to use a Ryobi 40v battery pack so I added a platform and wire routing to use already available ryobi 40v battery connector files. I was able to open and compare the files in my slicer how I knew some had issues before even printing.

Ok. can give me an exact number of millimeters. I will have to redesign that part.

Btw one of the endocaps might be too short as well, but you could print the taller end cap twice. If you don't know which endocarp is too short you can just print one layer of the endocarp and make sure it fits.

Sorry for the hiccup.

Have you tried to fit it inside the housing? Is it too big or too small?

the electronics separator is about 25mm short

Thank you for the update. I will look into the models and see if I made a mistake. I'm glad you were able to make a work around. Sounds like you are near completion. I hope you will share pics of your completed saddle.

Another file that seams to be the wrong height is the electronics separator wall. I am waiting on my foam to arrive and have two parts left to print and will share picks once its all together.

Ok, the motor pulley and the 60mm riser is now uploaded.

Great. I look forward to hearing about your success.

So fall I have found a few small issues, the file for end cover with battery holes is of what looks to be an old shorter design. Not a major issues for me, I used the blank end cap to design a cap that better works with my battery choice. I will also note that the belt lengths listed seam to be for the shorter designed body. I got around this by mounting the lower two components up on stand offs, as I already have the belts and printed most of the parts.

I think I know what part you are missing and I've uploaded it. Please let me know if you need anything else.

No problem. Ok, what color is the missing part?

If I left it out, my apologies. I'll look into the file and upload it. I will also find the feet for you.

The missing feet and the middle pulley files are now uploaded.

I have started to print the parts for the Straddle Saddle 2.0, the long gear shown in green in your photos is not included in the files. Can we please get files updated to include the file?

As I sliced the rest of the files I also found all parts for the vibration platform to be missing and the feet shown in the video.

Along with the motor gear is missing

I have uploaded the two missing files someone mentioned weren't successfully uploaded. Let me know if any more are missing. Sorry or the inconvenience.

thank you for the feet and gear, The saddle part where the pad attaches and its risers are also missing from the file set.

I think I have all the parts with that latest update, Thank you very much. I will let you know if it I make any mods or updates to improve any thing. Let the week of prints start!!!!

I thought I had every thing but I re watched the video and The files are still Missing the Orange gear mounted to the motor and the two yellow extensions going to the saddle attachment, Not a massive rush, I have like 5 days of printing lined up already

Servus. Ist da irgendwo eine Anleitung mit dabei wie die Elektronik verbaut werden müsste und wie man der Fernbedienung erstellt?

Hallo. Ich habe keine Anleitung zur Elektronik erstellt. Was ich im Grunde genommen getan habe, war, elektrische Skateboardteile umzuwandeln. Sie können einen normalen Geschwindigkeitsregler verwenden, wenn Sie möchten, wenn er sicher ist und nicht überhitzt. Ich mag den VESC-Geschwindigkeitsregler. Ich habe einen bürstenlosen Motor verwendet. Ich habe einen drahtlosen elektrischen Skateboard-Sender und -Empfänger verwendet. Ich würde empfehlen, einen Lithium-Ionen-Akku und keinen LiPo-Akku zu verwenden. Ich habe mich entschieden, die Elektronikinformationen nicht weiterzugeben, da ich kein Experte für die sichere Verwendung von Elektronik bin. Wenn Sie ein elektrisches Skateboard bauen können, können Sie die Teile in mein Design einfügen.

Vielen Dank

Hello. I haven't created an instruction on electronics. What I basically did was convert electric skateboard parts. You can use a regular speed controller if you wish if it is safe and won't over heat. I like the VESC speed controller. I used a brushless motor. I used a wireless electric skateboard transmitter and receiver. I would recommend using a Lithium Ion battery and not a LiPo battery. I chose not to share the electronics info because I'm not an expert on the safe use of electronics. If you can build an electric skateboard you can put the parts in my design.

Thank you