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Kind of a dumb question but.....Is the marine in your Modular MK4 marine file based of the old scale mini marines size? Or Nuscale like the newer CSM kits?

Any chance of a MK3 builder in the future? I'd even be willing to commission for one.

How much do you charge for a commission? Im interested in DG parts/weapons.

Awesome designs.

Do you have a Sgt style arm for your Mark 2 marines? That seems to be missing from the modular set.

Hey man, seeing your stuff on here has made me stoked to start 3d printing
(just bought a anycubic photon se)
As soon as I get my printer definitely going to tip as well as I can!

Hi! I saw your awesome mk4 builder, I printed a few marines for a tactical squad but now I need to convert some terror squads and the poses of the legs are too static for them. Also I’d like to have each marine with a chainsaw in one hand and a volkite in the other and at the moment the only file that can let me do that is the sergeant arms, but I would have the same arms for like 30 marines. So I was wondering, would you be able to repose your original files to realize more dynamic poses for the legs and also add more dual wielding options for the arms? I’d be willing to pay you too. Let me know, I’m currently waiting to find a good file to start my night lords army 😝

Thank you for the awesome designs! My friend and I are gonna play kill team with some of your models but at 3x the size.