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Thanks for all the work and models you've done! I've bought most of your CSM stuff. I would gladly pay for some Thousand Sons work if you ever release it!

Hi, really like your models, when i download this model it's different to the one pictured for download and lychee slicer program says it's got unfixable errors and doesn't wont to print it, any chance you can take a look and see if you put the right model up for download, cheers and keep up the great works, thanks again.

...sorry forgot to tell you which download, "KASRKIN WITH PLASMA GUN 2"

Not sure what you mean about the file being different, but I've added a repaired version

hello good sir! how did you increases the detail/definition on that DoW 2 model?
can i request some model for commission?

If you're talking about the chaos lord I did a lot of it in blender. My details for commissions are above

Hey your 4th legion bodies are great is there any chance you could make separate torso and legs?

do you have any plans for a MkIII or MkVI modular marine builder? the MkII and MkIV are awesome

Hey Loggy - any chance you would be willing to share WIP or source files or something from your modular Mk II Marines? I love them, but am looking to rescale certain parts and components to upscale them to a more primarch-scale sort of anatomical layout for a personal project

I was wondering what I should scale your mk2 marines to keep the same scale for the plastic mk 6

The chests should be roughly the same but the legs on the new kit are a bit longer

Any plans to lengthen the legs, or offer a version with slightly longer legs to match?

I imagine that's something that would be popular right now, given the success of the HH boxed set and new edition.

I would like to if I had the time

Hello !

I bought the Lucy the Eternal model file. Is there also the support for it i can download it somewhere or to i also need to buy it extra ?
Thank you

Hey, im having issues following this link ( for the platform for the Legion artillery tank so i cant get the platform or cannon mounts, do you know where else i might find them?

Hey! Any idea if your retro arms fit the new chaos kit or do they need resizing?

Should be fine

How do these compare to the new Horus Heresy models?

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Any chance of MKII Shoulder pads good sir? The one's you linked to are down.

Love you work !
Can I put my own shoulder pads on your marines ?

Massive fan of your work man, you have by far the best CSM proportions on all the internet, and trust me I've looked far and wide. Do you ever plan on doing some chaos terminators? Or even just some more power armor bodies? Because if you do I'll snap them up in a heartbeat. Keep up the good work brother

Yes to all of the above

cato sicarius

Sorry I only made a few parts to kitbash with the official model

where do I find the back banner for this model?

Which model?

Hi, Im just about to press the button on buying your planetless troops. Do you have any arms to go whith them? I found the angry space guard ones but they are big, clunky and have bad hands. If you can do a blank set for weapons Id buy them too. Thanks

Would it be possible for you to reupload the artillery mounts for your legion artillery tank? It appears to have been taken down from Thingi and a few folks are looking for it.

Congratulation on your 100th creation. Loyalist next?

Hey, Love you Work. Is it possible to have you upload PLASMA ROULETTE but with different poses?

looking at the planteless troopers , do you have arms/guns for them?

Hello Brother.

Thank you very much for all that you've contributed to the hobby over the last few years.

To get to the point: The Cataclysm Bodies are hollow. Between their legs, by the butt... The legs and body don't meet up. Any chance you could possibly patch that or point me in the right direction?

I have zero experience modeling or modding existing files, but I'm willing to try.

Thanks a lot.

Really though, you've helped make 3d printing+ HH a thing. Thank you.

Hey there, I've seen the hole but It shouldn't effect the print or be visible once printed.

Slt l'ami ! J'adore tes fichiers ! J'en ai déjà pris quelques un j'attend ma nouvelle imprimante pour prendre le reste ! Mais j'aimerais savoir si tu allais continuer à étoffé tes fichiers avec de nouvelles sorties ? Merci ^^

Encore une fois, excellent travail ! surtout pour les EC's on manquent tellement de troupes pour ce chapitre <3

Hey man please finish the Mark III marines pls ty

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