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4 commentaires

Hello. Thanks for you answer.
The scale is 1/200.
(I am French, by the way ^^)

D’accord :) peut-on passer par facebook messenger? Plus simple!

Hello, I have started a big model of Normandie. It would have been great to have the 3D models for the chimneys. Is it possible to buy a part of your model ?
Thanks by advance.

Hi, yes it should be possible! what is the scale of your model?

Does anyone know where I could buy just the hull for the SS United States, the part that is under the water on full hull models, in 1/600 scale for a model idea I have?

Hello, i am entusiast of NORMANDIE; i buyed your software 3D but infortunately i haven't found (in Rome) a workshop for printing that.
All workshops, that i have asked, told my that this work would very inexact and, in any way, also very very expensive ( 3.000 € !!).
I don't know what to do, do you have any idea for resolve this problem?
osvaldo nardiello

Hi, I’m so sorry to hear about that, I’m afraid there’s not much I can do 😬 I personally have my own printer so never had to have models printed elsewhere… 3000€ seems completely crazy, I’m sure online services would be a lot less expensive ( Maybe you could also try to contact Leo Costa on facebook, who had two models printed (see here