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okey sorry, but i haven't seen this turtle for sale for 7USD at any date. so where is the discount ?

I have just put 50% off

Hi Kellie
Haha.! Yes, that is an odd request. ...And odd enough to catch my attention :-D
I do not have a resin printer myself, so not much experience on that area..
..only knowing that people like the models to be somewhat hollowed.
Preferred wall thickness ?
I have never been studying animal genitals, so i think i need some examples and a little more info.
you can email me at:
May i ask if it is for business or pleasure ?

Hi there! I have an odd request. Can you design a dog dick and a horse dick for resin pour. I have examples from Amazon if you need them. They are in dildo form. Thank you. Kellie

sorry for any inconvenience. I made a mistake with the updated file by combining the outline skirt. it is now the correct size at 245mm.
filament swap should be at 2mm
You can remove the skirt in Prusaslicer: print settings - skirt and brim - and set Loops to 0
hope all is good after the mistake.
Best Regards

Thanks for updating the file. One other thought. I am printing this on a prusa MK3. The bed is 250. I have to resize it down slightly and with a skirt it's too big. When I scale it down it changes the layers and I and I am finding it hard to get the right place to do a filament swap. I am using white glow in the dark and black. How about a correct model at 240mm or slightly smaller


Somehow the combined-file got corrupted...?

i have added it as: do not disturb - combined V2 - new file. should be able to download now.

Hey, I purchased your door tag - do not disturb, there is an error in the model 3/4 down in the middle. It is prnting two random dots that then get wiped over creating two holes. If you look in your slicer you will see what I am talking about. Can you fix and sent the corrected file

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Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply, on how to design it please?

I have bought a copy of the coin and love it :)

Many thanks,

Hello DAVY141
thank you for your interest.!
What do you mean by a guide ? to print it or how to design it ?

Hi there,

How you got a guide on how to make the "Fuck You" coin style coin please?

Many thanks.

Sorry, I don’t speak french.

sorry for any inconvenience, i have uploaded the red circle so it should be ready for download now..
thank you

Hi Bernd
thank you for your interest.
ohh.. missing red cirkel ?? i will look at it right away..
one moment, please..

Nice motive.
However, the red circle is not included.