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Hello, the shoulder pads are very large and I cannot fit shoulder pads without filing the arm, can you tell me how I can modify your STL to reduce the siE of the shoulder?

Hello I have a commission for modification of one of your model, where can we talk about it ?

Good evening Krackendoor Studios!
I would like to express my deep gratitude to you for the 3D models. Thanks to you, I discovered the world of 3D printing.

I am a certified screenwriter, so if you will have a desire to create your own board game and will be looking for a writer in the genre of fantasy or science fiction, feel free to contact me. I will be glad to cooperate.

Best wishes,


Hi there do you do commission work?

Hi do you offer a commercial licence for you items thanks

Your stuff ius amazing. Cheers for making it.

On your trench fighters do you recommend printing vertical?

Thank you for your great work. I'm very grateful for everything you shared!

Are you still active?

Hi i noticed the minotaur sm models have vanished, would they be coming back or is there another source i can get them from ?

Could you tell me what is the cost to get printed SILVERHAWKS - MARAJ SPACESHIP
9 inches .
Is it possible to get the cockpit to open ?
What could the cost be ?

Hello! I love your stuff! Is it possible to get the MK3 arms as a separate file?

Or a tutorial on how to properly substitute in your upgrade files to the .blender posable Mk3 file? I see a short one on the Posable page, but I am still a little confused and my results look bad.

Hi, I am looking for some one to design in full colour miniature Dachshund chess in full colour, one set in balck and tan, the other in shaded red. Do you think this is something you could design, I am happy to pay for this. many thanks. you can contact me many thnaks,

Awesome work on the Alpha legion stuff, by chance are they scale? When I was looking at them in Chitubox they appeared a little larger than some others I was looking at, but I don't know if yours was right and the other was wrong. Thank you for your time and help.

Hi, I was just wondering if you take suggestions for models? I love your MKIII work but need something slightly different

Hi, first of all thank you for the amazing models! May I ask in which software they were created?

Hey! Do you do freelance work?


These are amazing, You should consider a Patreon!

would you create MKIII Dark Angel stuff and or anything dark angel 30k stuff

Can we download your models and upload to another website?We will declare these works as yours
I am curious, this piece was remixed from a female marine on thingiverse that was apparently made from one of your rigged characters. I dont see any resemblance myself but the guy who feminised the torso says he isnt the one to make the original. so I am asking your permission to sell models that use this torso, and I would be delighted to print you some beautiful models of your designs in exchange.

He descargado y usado sus ESCUDOS DE EMBARQUE de Marines Mk III, y he visto que en los archivos stl están insertados los escudos aquila que usaste a modo de plantilla, dentro de los breacher, dando errores en las figuras, le pido, amablemente que rectifique ese error, para poder imprimir escudos breacher sin rastro de las curvas del aquila.
Así mismo, he usado algunas otras piezas en stl para poder modificar sus escudos breacher en escudos praetorian ultramarinos de forgeworlds ;) y que se parezcan más a los originales, con rayos custodds, un Laurel, una Omega invertida, y una espada scaraban, ya me diras si te parece bien la idea para que puedas revisar esas dos cosas.
Por cierto, ambos escudos son ligeramente curvos, eso se soluciona dándole curva con agua caliente.

Hi, im intetested in ur mkIII wold eaters uprades i whant to knw if they in scale to horis heresy mk3 models or if i need to make some adjustment?

Hi, love your work! Are you intending to release anymore Salamander bladeguards or even (pretty please!) a posable version?

Many thanks

Hi, amazing work. I want to know if you accept commissions?

Hi, your work is awsome. Are you planning to make space wolves primaris torsos?

Hello, will you re-upload the Terminator files at any point?

hey! is it possible to get your awesome model Chaos Terminator WIP?
Thank u!

To tell you that i love your job! Good work on the shovel army <3 Can't wait for your V2 ;D

To tell you that i love your job! Good work on the shovel army <3 Can't wait for your V2 ;D

Thank you! You're the best!

hello, i dont know if you can help me for how to fix my another 3d logo up shoulderpads in Blender software?

Hey, is there anyway to get a split up version of BLACK TEMPLARS GUARD BLADE A like the rest of the bladeguard?


Hi, are you still active? i had been following your facebook page and i cant seem to find it anymore. Looking forward to more of your great models.

Hello, Massive fan of your work. I have downloaded your mkiii posable and I am blown away at how simple it is, would it be possible to get the same but with one of your trench fighters? I have several mates who would be interested in this as well.

Hey wanted to know if I can buy this file from you or namely the one with all 3

Hello, love the death guard upgrades and Alpha legion upgrades. Do you by chance have any heavy weapons upgrades. For instance the horus heresy heavy weapons like, heavy flamer, assault gun, multi melta, plasma cannon, vulkite.

Blood Angels are on my list of Chapters to do. I’m planning on all 9 loyalist Chapters plus some successor chapters. It’s really based on when I get time to get them finished.

Hey I love your bladeguards, and your chapter specific ones are phenomenal! I was just curious if you had plans to make Blood Angels specific bladeguards? I was gonna try to remix my own, but if you're already planning on doing some I'm confident you'd do a better job.

As for as DKOK, I’m not going to be working on them for quite a while.

As for commissions, I don’t do commissions.

Hello, can I contact you about commissions?

hey man I LOVE your work! aspire to be as good as you someday for sure! do you have any plans in the future or WIP's for totally not krieg engineers?

At this time I won’t be releasing any preposed arm/legs, since I’m working on expanding my sculpts to HQs and Elites for Primaris. That’s why I released all the poseable models. Those are the same thing I use to pose and create my models. I see no reason to horde my knowledge or work I’ve done. I’d rather share it and help others build the model they want.

Hey dude,

AWESOME Work! Are you planning on Uploading diffrent posed Legs/Arms for the Primaris marines ?


I don’t really use Blender much besides for posing the model. Posing is some what straight foraward. While in Pose Mode select thre bone you want to rotate and then use the 3D gizmo to rotate it. I did make a short video on how to import other objects and then parent them to the metarig. There is captions on the bottom of the video that explains what needs to be done. Here is the link:

hello! Do you have a recommendation for video on how to use blender? Your models are great

I pretty much stick the 40K side, since I’m a fan of it and play it.

Your work is awesome. Have you ever done or considered any fantasy characters? I've been looking for a unique model for my high level dwarf paladin. Cheers.

You are rad, thank you very much.

Hi there, someone mentioned that you might have a mkIII or MkIV death guard shoulder pad. If so are they available somewhere?

Any chance of getting more iron armor torsos?

Hey man, I made a remix of your poseable Primaris marine and busted out some quick poses and I just wanted to see if it would be okay with you if I posted them on the printedwarhmmer discord with credit to you for the model?

Kudos on the magnificent trench fighters. Any chance we might see some grenadiers in the future?

Thank you very much for the imperial guards, they are awesome to paint!

Your content is great!
Thank you soo much.

hey brother good work how about a power axe one and 2 handed different heads(check pop goes monkey) also forge world thank you have a good day

Hello fellow battle brother !

My black templars Primaris battle brothers don’t really like their new helmets created by the UltraSmurf friend .. they would like something more « knightly » than their new common helmet .. So this is my request , could it be possible for you to craft someting like the old black templar helmet ( Also known as battle brethren )made by forge world ? I like the model you have done too but i found them a little bit heretical look haha Also sorry for my language .. i’m a French battle brother !

Best regards and ..
The Emperor Protect !

++ End of transmission ++

You’ll need every besides the, Swivel Right, file unless you’re planning on posing it to the far right and you’ll need a single set of arms for the assistant gunner. I’m going to be updating the model soon to include the guns as a solid piece that can be printed along with the gunner & assistant gunner as a solid piece. I printed in peices and had some difficulty assembling the parts, so a solid piece is much easier.

I just downloaded the trench fighter heavy bolter squad and I'm kinda confused with all these pieces. Which all pieces do I want to print and in what quantity to end up with a complete squad like you showed in your pictures? I'm just having a hard time figuring out things and would appreciate some help if you could please :)

Here’s further instructions for posing the Primaris Marine:

Blender works really well for posing the pieces. You can parent the armor pieces together one by one without an armature. Example start with the foot selected, hold shift and select the ankle then right click and choose parent with automatic weights. Deselect and select the ankle and select the shin and repeat the process all the way up the leg, but do not parent the inner suit meshes. You’ll want to parent all the hard armor pieces together, if you use an armature with it it will deform the hard armor pieces.

When you parent with automatic weights and no armature you can move the pieces in object mode and all parented parts move along. Example with the upper torso, you start by parenting each finger digit from the tip to the palm. Then continue up to the upper arm. You’ll want to parent the shoulder pad to the upper arm, then the upper arm to the torso, the backpack and helmet also gets patented to the torso. So when you swivel the torso, the backpack, arms and everything attached moves with it.

Sometimes getting a part to move like you want it to can be difficult. Example: to get the forearm to bend at the joint like it should you can move the 3D origin/point of origin to a point in the 3D space and then set the origin to that. Here’s a link for that then when you rotate it it will move like it should.

Once you have all the hard armor pieces how you like them you import the human armature and size it to match where the inner suits parts are. Then parent that with auto weights and pose the armature to match the current pose of the armor. The mesh will then bend to the shape. Hope this helps you out and good luck!

Zbrush would be one of the better programs to create a solid mesh out of all the pieces. If you can’t get that then Blender can do it for you.

As for future releases for the trench fighters. Heavy Weapons are currently being worked on. After that I was going to do some trench fighters on horseback, then after that some engineers/vets. I can toss Grenadiers in the mix then by using some of the same poses over, since the laspack and hellgun are already built.

Good night, are you planning to make more models of trench figthers? It would be great
have some grenadier miniatures

is there any software that would make putting these marines together easier

The Primaris Marine is supplied in pieces. I currently don’t have any files of the parts as a complete piece.

you don't happen to have a file of your primaris marine full model assembled do you?

Hello, I just found your work and you are super great for having MK 3 armor. You wouldn't happen to be making heavy weapons for them such as an autocannon?

Another random question: I've never seen a female space marine torso. Is that something you might do in the future?

The MKIII Armor by default are scaled to be close to Primaris size. But of course you can scale them how ever you like.

are you planning on doing a Mk III primarus armor

Hey your work is amazing! I love the Blank Primaris :D You just saved me a lot of time. Are you planning on doing a similar one but phobos armor? If I had one thing I could wish for it would be that :)

I’m glad you like the AL upgrades. I do plan on doing MKIV armor and upgrades after I visit each Legion with the MKIII Armor. So it may take a little while.

Those AL upgrades are lovely! Will there ever be Mk IV versions of the helmet crests?

I do plan on doing some vehicle work, but first vehicles I’ll be releasing will be for the time frame of the Great Crusade.

I will do Salamanders, don’t know yet on the time frame. Melta/Flamer weapons will be done and will most likely be released with a Special/Heavy Weapon type of release.

quick question i was wondering if you are planning on doing any salamander upgrades and or meltas and flamers

Thanks. I absolutely love your models. The Black Templars stuff, in particular, is 100% loyal to the Chapter and them.
Any chance you have plans to do vehicle upgrades kits?

I don’t know if I’ll be returning to work on the Chaos Terminator anytime soon. As for future Terminators, I do plan on doing Cataphractii down the road.

The torsos for the MKIII require posing prior to printing. The overall goal of building that way is to provide a lot of customization for the end user rather than releasing a part/model that is hard to change.

Hi! I was wondering if your Torso models are concave on the bottom to sit on the domed "waist" of the space marine leg bitz?

Your models are amazing and spot on. May I ask if you have any plans to release the "plain" chaos terminator legs as their own set, the way you did the Mk 3s?

Thank you for your hard work!

Im sorry if this is a noob sounding question, but software would be best for a beginner to repose the full primaris marine thats in 31 parts, as I would like to create a few sets of arm and leg poses but dont know where to start, I tried tinkercad but it was very clumsy and I had a tough time moving things around, and so I come to you for your professional suggestion.

Hey! Just like Louis, I love your models! The detail is amazing. I am very, VERY new to 3d printing and just trying to get into Warhammer as a Dark Angles player. I was wondering if you had any complete or semi complete primaris and Deathwing models that could help me get everything assembled? I am going to use your stuff either way but that would make it easier on this very green rookie. Thanks again!

Hey I love your models! I'm wondering if you have any in like a t pose or something cuz the parts are a little confusing to try and assemble. Keep up the great work! Louis