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Hello, I am looking to see if you still have the "EXOSUITS NUNBOT CONVENT SISTERS OF BATTLE PARAGON" files for sale somewhere. Thanks

Hey man is there any way to get the heads only from the Inceptors ?
Id love to print them for other gravis armours.

any possiblility to get the Exosuits of the Nunbot Convent stl files?

Any chance I could ask you advice on an STL?

Can I put my helmets and shoulder pads on
You assault squad ?

Is the carnisaurus fex to scale?

Hi there, incredible work ! I'd like to ask as well f the Exosuits of the Nunbot Convent could perhaps be reuploaded ?


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Hello there!

Just wondering where I can get your Paragon Warsuit stl files. There were deleted from cults3d.

Best regards,


Hello, first of all congratulations on the work done. I wanted to ask you if it is to scale or if it needs to be modified before printing. Thanks in advance.

Hey there. I gotta say you have the best eldar infantry I've seen so far. Any plans to make more? I cannot find good howling banshees anywhere.

can you include the side car gun and also is it possible to put any guns on the bike as well ?

Hi mate
Im looking to get some custom 3D parts made to fit with Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines... the 3D parts would essentially be adding chapter details to my new Space Marine army.

Is this something your interested in?


Hey, i wanted to ask for the Blight Shroud Terminators.
Any chance of getting them? They are awesome!

Good afternoon. I was looking for your old file Starcrafted Terran marines. I'm able to buy the files directly from you even if there's no longer available in this website? I think they look cool. Waiting for your answer. Have a great day.

Do you have the original model file of the Devilfish? I want to make a custom one and am looking for a base model to work off. Thanks.

Sorry to bother you but do you have a phobos captain still or is he lost to time

Aww man the "ELVISH REAPERS OF DARKNESS" are awesome!. I am currently working on a project and I was wondering if there was a separate file for just the launchers?

Hello, a friend of me really loves this design - also my son.. My son wants to paint an whole army of this Terran Soldier - is it possible to get this Marine in a multipart kit, for building different poses? He is 8 years old and really enjoyed painting one of them. Will upload a picture in a few minutes. Would love to hear back from you.

Hey, I bought the Angel Wing dark biker knights (now biker gift box) and really like them. I was wondering if you have the separate arms/head models available. If so, could I get or buy them?


Are you taking paid commissions currently? I'd love to pay for some custom shields

Hello, any chance of getting a hold of JUDGING EXECUTIONER WITH A BIG SWORD AND HOURGLASS?

Hey, are the Angel Wing Dark Knights of Death available?

cheers mate

Love your magenta/blue Nightmares. Any chance for those little yellow nightmares, which look like small flames?