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hey, i've come across the Oblitoration Hulk range that is being sold on PopGoesTheMonkey, i was wondering if its possible to purchase the hedonist/Sonic and wrecker legion files for printing locally as i'm UK based.

Hi, is it possible to have only the head of your COMMANDER AND COMMISSAR please?
Tank you

Howdy KK,

Looking for the Tartaros Termie Builder. Don't know I may have it already w/o knowing the file name or is it possible to snag it please?

Thank you

Hello Karnage,

I have been tinkering with your Wraithguard STLs attempting to adjust them for 8mm printing for Epic. However my skills with 3D are poor. Im working in Meshmixer and I noticed I could not separate shells to individually manipulate the parts of the model. Would it be possible to get a download of your Wraith models where I could do this? That way I could made adjustments for the size of the parts that are not adequate for this scale of printing.

Thank you, love your work!

Hello Karnageking. Today I found an old yeggi search result for and stl file titled "Angel Wing Dark biker knights" Do you still have this file? If so is there some way I may acquire it from you? Thanks!

I see you did a warmachine warjack, would you willing to do hordes Titan Gladiator from skrone?

Hi. I see your paragon warsuit proxy was removed. Is there a chance I could purchase these from you? I really like the design and I would love to print them. Have a nice Sunday.

Do you make only the blast shield to upgrade all gravis armor to blast shield?

Is it possible to get those paragon stl files you posted earlier this month? They were seriously awesome models.

hey dude! i've seen on yeggy some paragon armor proxies that i think were made by you, but they were taken down or you just deleted them dont know, but any chance you will sell them?
they look gorgeus!
ty in advance

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I saw those too and didn't get a chance to purchase them before they were no longer available. They were sweet.

If you would sell the "starcrafted terran heavy marine" as splitted parts i would buy it. I don't like to have them as one solid model.

Hi there! I'd like to use some other arms and heads with the Prime Sneaky Boys (you know the ones, those which are commonly left over because not all options are buildable) - would it be possible to get the bodies or bodies/backpacks only?

Hey man Im still new to the whole printing realm. Is there anyway to only print the legs portion of your assault marine file?

They are in the works

Any chance of getting the space nun shields like your sci fi knight shields?

Your Deathjack is amazing! Do you have a Skorne gladiator I would love to try that one for my DnD group, we play a weird game called Blackvoid and the characters are very strange in look. In order to make our pc's I have to kit bash like a fiend. Right know we got a four armed large guy with 4 legs and an exoskeleton, a hedgehog bear samurai looking guy, a gangly reverse jointed with a circle of spider eyes around his head, and a feathered female with no hair but with eyebrows combed over to the back of her neck. Lolz, this game character maker is wacky. We are currently using my gladiator for his dude, I would love to be able to print him at a smaller scale for a DnD normal size humanoid as well as make a centaur version of him.

Hello! I just recently purchased your Judicar (Judging Executioner). I was hoping to use the torso to kitbash something together for my custom chapter, but the torso is fused to the left arm and hourglass. I know it is a longshot, but would you happen to have a version of the torso+legs without any arms attached? Thanks either way, love your work.

wow i'm just blown away from the quality of the prints well done

Link worked out great, thank you!

Hello! I just purchased the epic 6mm collection and the plasma gunner wasn't included in the STL. Let me know if you need my order # or more information. Thanks!

Hello there,

Any chance we can see some more Stormcast Eternals, preferably Retributors, in the near future? I see you're the only one who made these SE outstanding models.


would you be willing to share the models as they are currently? Ironically im trying to do the same thing for a private project.

I do. They are an older project based off of halo marine armor that was intended to proxy as Elysians. Hopefully I will find the time to revisit them and finish

Hi. Do you still have the files you used to make the marines featured in your "Hunter buggy driver." objects?