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Bonjour Jakwit,

I did printed your model "Boite couvercle coulissant". I wanted to add feature on it but I'm definitely not a designer. Could you help?
See you

Thank you very much, I actually like the way you made it, it's easy to follow steps.

Hello. I just added the link to Fusion 360 files in the bottom of the description @fryed

Thank you very much for the shower basket design, it is amazing!
Would you please share the other f3d file with me? I'd like to do some modifications to it. I would of course send you the files after I modified them so you can decide if you want to share them with others or not. I wouldn't share them with anyone else of course. Here is my e-mail in case you agree
Thank you very much in advance.

What do you suggest? :D

Hello! I really like your egg holder and would like to sell the printed object. Could you come back to me (syl.fa at