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Hello! I need 1 replacement knob re: BABY EINSTEIN CURIOSITY TABLE ACTIVITY STATION REPLACEMENT KNOBS. Would you be able and willing to print and ship to me in Canada?

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No sorry I am not able to do that

Hi, I need the knobs, can you print it for me please?

i cannot print them for you
unfortunately sorry

The question is regarding the horse Trotter print out

if i remember correctly, it's one head, 2 arms, 2 tails, and i think was 4 washers, you'll know if it needs more washers to space the legs and tail. Hope this helps.

How many arms and of each washer are needed to print ? I purchased but someone else printed for me ( Missing one arm, they also only printed one of each washer) . Thanks!

yes you simply print 2 of them, i only provided one model because they are the same. you simply print how many you need to make the finishing product, please see images to count how many you need :-)

What I've used is Masters All Round Steel Pipe Strapping or galvanized hanger iron. Or I've also provided holes you can McGuyver something to the coconuts?

Thank you!!!

I'm having this printed, and I'm sure I can find the hardware. But I'm curious how you attached the coconuts? Maybe it will be obvious once The printed pieces arrive, but I'm trying to get together everything I need before I give this to my husband. It's a father's day gift so I want it to go pretty smooth. Thanks for any help!

Hi this is about your horse sound bicycle attachment. I have no way to print this out. Is there anyway I could purchase one from you? I am really wanting it for father's day, but I realize that is short notice. Thanks for any help ! Kathy

I really wish I could help you out but my printer is down, waiting on parts from China.. which will be a few months yikes...

Hi. This is about your set of dinosaur feet for use with play dough which I just bought. Do you have a list of which dinosaurs have which foot prints? I am using these with my class (creating trace fossils) and it would be helpful to have this information. Thanks.

I'm sorry i am not aware of the types of feet they are

Are you able to send me a picture of what you mean or screenshot?

ok i see the file uploaded to cults the teeth were shifted. i repaired the three teeth, how may i upload the repaired file to you?

thanks!!! can you send it to my email? it's

ok i have sent it i hope it goes through let me know thank you for your patience.

hi! this is about the Baby Einstein replacement gears - thank you, been looking all over for these!
however, after I downloaded and sent the file to my local printshop, they replied saying it looks like a couple of the gear's teeth are detached from its body(they sent me the picture)... Ever had this issue? any idea what can fix it? any help would be much appreciated!

Are you able to send me a picture or a screenshot of what you mean?