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hi i have purchased your cute ghost dock switch 3d file and everytime i try to put the file in cura to get the file ready to print it shows that the file isnt there. Is there anything i can do to fix this problem?

Hi, and thanks for purchasing the Ghost Dock. Please, make sure CURA is up to date. If the error persists after that, please try another Slicer. I am confirming it’s working on my end. Have a good day.

do both PS5 files fit on a Prusa MKS+ ned size?
I want to print it with color change so both files should print same time.


Unfortunately, no.

Will the crystal dock for switch oled fit a normal switch?

Only the opposite wouln't work: A Crystal Dock for the Switch Classic won't fit a Switch OLED.

How to make PLAYSTATION 5 CRYSTAL DOCK by transparent blue for the main image?How to set parameters?thank you!

You need to use a transparent PLA and in your Slicer set the infill pattern to LIGHTNING - 35/40%

Thank you for your reply, can you provide your PLA brand, I did not find a suitable transparent PLA material here, thank you

That was Filamentum Crystal Clear PLA line.

yo! i was wondering if you could make a design like the console crystal and clouds but for ps4 and xbox xeries s

thank you!!

I do not have these consoles unfortunately.

Bonjour j'ai un petit souci avec les cristaux que j'ai acheté les emboîtement ne correspondent pas du tout ce qui est très dommage car je ne peux pas assembler les pièces

Dommage que je ne puisse pas vous envoyer les photos pour vous faire voir

Mon e-mail est dans ma bio si vous voulez m’envoyer une photo.
Bonne journée.

Hey, first of all - I love your work!
I was wondering if we are going to get a Japanese could version for the PS5?

Cheers from Germany

I meant Japanese Cloud version… auto correct strikes again.

Yes I will!

  • 1 j’aime

Thanks for letting me know.

The file is corrupt. Error message on Cura and Prusa Slicer

Can you specify which file?

All three Files

Thank you. I just checked it out and can confirm there is no issue with the files.
Please ensure you are unzipping the archive correctly before using the STLs it contains.
If the problem persists, please, contact the Cults3D team.
Have a great day.

Hallo, die Datei ist kaputt

Can you specify which file?

The cat holder turned out perfect and the finished product is great.

Glad to hear that,
thanks for letting me know 🙌

est ce que sait possible d'avoir les mesures de la partie A car nous n'avons pas reussi pour notre switch puis de la parie B pour une switch normal

Je ne suis pas sûr de comprendre la question.
La partie B fonctionne pour n'importe quel dock de Switch.
La partie A doit être sélectionnée en fonction de votre Switch (Oled ou Classic).
J'espère que ça aide.
Bonne Journée.

Hi, is it okay to send the design to a company to print it because I don’t have a printer myself. I’ll send all the info with it and make sure they know not to sell copies or share the design without a licence and things like that

Hi and thanks for reaching out,
It is okay, as long as it is for your personal use.
Thank you.

Are you aware your stl files are being sold on etsy?

Thank you very much. I filed a copyright infringement against this ETSY seller.
I appreciate you took the time to let me know.
Have a great day.

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I am astonished by the audacity of this situation, and I hope that other STL creators will also be made aware that their designs are being sold there.

hi,What is the difference between the classic version and the oled version?

The boolean for the Classic Version is 2mm shorter.

Hello, can these prints be used with a resin printer or only filament?

Yes, of course. Any STL can be printed with filament or resin. The output quality is the difference between the two technologies.

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Hi, I would like to ask you about your projects. Do you use promoting? Because you have a lot of subscribers. How did you reached it?

Hello there,
I love your work and have all your crystal designs on my consoles. but I also have some older consoles and I was wondering if you are planning on ever making the crystals for the ps 4 pro and the xbox one x? And maybe even older consoles.

Hi there,
Thanks for your kind words. I do not have older consoles unfortunately. So I will limit the designs to the current generation and up.

Is it possible to make something like your cloud dock for Nintendo switch or Xbox but for the ps5?

Yes, I will keep that in mind.

Hello! Does the Xmas tree dumpling ornaments come with no faces/no holes versions?

No, they all have holes for the features.

Would you be willing to release a no holes version for sale for props?

Hello I just ended to print the "Nintendo Switch Crystal Dock - Classic and OLED version" I printed the "PART_A_Switch_CLASSIC_Crystals_Holoprops" no issues, but then I printed the Part B and it does not match with the size of the OLED version, Only fits in the Classic version that is not my switch :c

Hi there,
Indeed, if you have printed the PART_A_Switch_Classic for the OLED, it’s not going to fit. You need to print PART_A_Switch_OLED for the OLED model.
PART_B works for both model.

Have a great day.

Hi buddy, I bought the design of crystal cluster for xbox series X, do u have another one with the same style for the remote?!? Thanks a lot!!

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I will buy too!! :)

Hello there,
Yes, a model for the controller is on my list and should be available next month.
stay tuned ;)

all of your apple pencil design doesn't have stl? btw im subbed to your patreon

The archive that you get through Cults3D contains the Stl files.