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9 commentaires

Hello, you have really stylish designs, I will follow you closely and wish you continued success.

thank you for your support!!

Did you painted the Duck's leg?


Hello! Do you allow for resale of your models? Specifically your new seal model - it's adorable!


Impressive art models


Impressive art models

Hello, another time Haesea,
I'm prying to you to shar with me at least a g.code of your fabolous printing stl. My work is too son and I dont have another alternative.
Please, could you give me the stl for free? 😢😢😢

Hello Haesea,
I'm writing to you becuase of a project.
In my actual school we have to make a original version of the Kiss painting of the artist Klimt.

When I heard that I thought that it would be great to make a 3d printed version of it. So I decide to find the file of the painting on internet (cause I'm not so good designing 3d models with high quality) and I found your Klimt Kiss file. But there is a problem, it's not free and I can't spend money in just a file. (and it's quite espensive for me)

Because of that I would like to know, if you agree in gaving me the file without paying.

Thank you.

Waiting to your answer.

Your follower : )

But if you can't it doesn't mather ; )

Post dat I also follow you on youtube and I liked your video of the kiss painting 3d printed art

If you think about the designer's work, you'll find this model is cheap at under $10.

Hi, If you were sent a pic could you make it into an Stl file. I have no idea how to do it.

yes please contact '' and please explain more Specifically with pic

Hello, I am interested in purchasing this model. I am a mold maker and would like to ask for your terms and conditions regarding me selling molds made from this model. Is that something that can be negotiated?

thanks in advance, Blake

what model do you wanna use??

The Hanging Face model

I usually don't give royalty. This time I'll give you permission. please note that other models do not.

I greatly appreciate the consideration