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Hello Hitec Engineering,

I Search for my Thrustmaster T300 for any printable paddels with magnetic function, that works on the PS4 together with the F1 Addon.

And Also i Search for a Printable version for make my break paddle stronger.

In this Case can you help me to find the right solution out of your Portfolio ?

Best Regards

Hi there
Do you provide stp files for your design? I would like to modify it slightly. Very cool design the htek 002. Basically a Red Bull racing wheel!

Hi, I bought the HTEK002 steering wheel but the CNC file is not compatible with the CNC Cutter that I have access to. The person cutting it for me does not speak English and there is a constant language barrier, but I've identified that his machine is an old cutter running on an strange file format which can't be converted from .dxf. I was wondering if you could provide an .ai (illustrator file) of the base.dxf and rear plate.dxf to scale so I can have him create the file for his weird cnc machine?

That would be mega helpful and I appreciate that very much. Thanks and have a great day!

Best regards,

Hello Aaron,

I will try to convert it somehow, but I cannot guarantee it.
Please contact me in email,for further information.

Regards, Arpad

Hello, What kind of mechanism is using the Clutch Paddle? Is it a Spring? And what sensor is using, to check if I can buy all the parts. Thank you


It uses magnets for the mechanism, and Hall sensors, for the change of the magnetic field.

Hey mate does the package come with electronics?

For the f1 wheel

It comes with an assembly guide,with only references for the electronics.

Hello Dan,

You have to mirror the parts in your slicer software.
If you dont know how to do that, tell me, and I will send you the mirrored parts. 🙂


Hello, I bought you a few days ago your 3D files for the steering wheel of the Ferrari 488 GTE but I find myself with a problem. For the handles I only have the left part front and back but I have nothing for the right part. Would you have a solution?


Hi, i'm interested in the H002, but i want to use a 3.5 screen ... can you change the stl file or can you send me the .step file when i make the purchase?
Do I have to buy anything else or is everything I need in the H002 package?

Buenas noches, tienen el archivo imprimible para la maza adaptadora para poner estos volantes en el logitech g27 o g29? Muchas gracias!!

I used Arduino pro micro for the electronics. :) I packed .stl files for printing in the .zip file.

How do I separate the pieces of the .stp file to print in .stl for 3d printer

Hello good afternoon.
What board do you use for the htek 488 steering wheel.
Arduino or usb encoder.
Thanks greetings

Hola, buenas tardes.
Que placa usas para el volante htek 488.
Arduino o codificador usb.
Gracias un saludo