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Hi. Was wondering if by any chance you have the Chaotic Renegades without the weapons? Love the models! Would really like to add different weapons. Thanks!

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do you still have the "Aggressive Space Man (Bonus Update)" file??

Any chance of some female cultists to go with the ones you have posted?

I love all the miniatures you sculpted! I especially love your cultists you made! I am planning on printing them and using them for my renegade army!
I was wondering a few things:

1) Could you make a file where you can just have the body,arms, and head separately? I would like to use some Imperial Guard bits and would like to mix/mash them up and maybe give them melee options.
2) I want to get into 3D modeling and don't know where to start. I am willing to put in the work just don't know which program to use and what other tools i need to get high quality results like your miniatures. Any advice is amazing and would help me. Thank you!

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