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Hey i recently get your octane´s heirloom and i cant make it fit, y have been printed all screws in resin and fdm. What im doing wrong? i also tried scalling 2 % and expansion horizontal :/

I would like to know why the Kunai is so big? (20cm)

J’aimerais savoir comment imprimer les stickers de l’héritage de Lifeline à la bonne dimension.
Ils sont beaucoup trop grand

could you make the freezing point skin for the re-45?

hi I can't print the small screws of the kunai well! can you help me with the parameters?

Hello! I purchased the Wraith Kunai and am loving the results! I have a question about the 2 different versions of the inner blade. The one that says QUIETO, when holding it in your right hand the lettering is backwards and only readable if you hold it in your left hand with the blade facing forward. I was wondering if there is a version of the same file except with the lettering going the other direction so it is readable while holding it in your right hand also. That way , either way you flip it, the writing is readable. Does that make sense? It’s a little difficult to explain without being able to include examples etc. if you need to email me don’t hesitate: thank you!

Thank you very much.


1) I added the handle file without texture for the Octane butterfly knife

2) Indeed it is a possible location affine to add an axis of Ø3mm and a length of 7.5cm



1) Any chance you could add an STL file of the handle without all the texture to it? Not having a flat spot to begin the print with is making it a bit difficult for FDM printing. Standing straight up leaves a beautiful handle, but a very brittle one.

2) Within the handle there is a hollow shaft that lines up with the gold top caps. (in between the two pegs protruding out of the handle). The gold caps even have a spot deigned in for what appears to be a rod in that area. Yet I don't see anything in the images or description about if this is ment for anything. Did you intend to have a type of rod in this area for a reinforcing function?


I add Lifeline V1, and i checked all piece are presents.

Indeed I had to adapt in order to facilitate the printing, because it gave bad results.

hi, the metal parts underneath the end and the handpiece are incorrect to what is on the image as well. the image for the preview Is not at all what is in the file

Hello, the lifeline parts are different to what is in the image, for example the "Extremite" tube is slanted and not straight. are you going to amend this as I just bought it and all the parts aren't there...


Are you talking about the bearings located between the 2 blades?


I'm so sorry I didn't see your reply, I'm very new to this site haha. Thank you so much! 😁


Yes I saw your last message, and I gave you an answer on your profile.

I was able to update and add the missing part of the 3D model when you asked me to.

If you do not manage to recover it, send me your email address so that I can send it to you directly!


Hey again,
Did you see the previous comment/message I made? (had trouble logging in) I'm eager to finish my print and am interested in the kunai too but I still need the last file for the octane butterfly knife (the disc shaped gear for the injection section) 😊

Kind regards,

Hey there,

I fairly recently purchased your octane heirloom files which are very impressive! As I was printing it all I was just wondering if there is a mistake as I don't seem to have received the file for the disc shaped gear for the injection part of the knife? ☺️

Kind regards,

Hi! The Kunai takes around 54g of filament, about 18 meters of filament and around 15 hours of printing.

Hi! I’m interested in the kunai knife file but was wondering how much filament I would need to buy to print it? TIA

i transformed the file!


Is there any change you can turn the Kunai stand into an STL? My slicer does not recognize it. Thank you!