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Could I get the files for the Darth Vader Helmet in a non-sliced form?

Thank you!

Hi, can you make an eye mold so I can press fit an acrylic sheet for the eye piece?

hi there great stl i see that you can send through the file in a different slice is it possible instead of so many parts to send through parts un sliced so i can slice them myself
many thanks

Dear Sir,

I think his 3D models are very interesting. Is there a possibility that other ghosts from the Ghostbusters line such as Vigo (6 inches tall) or the Jogging Ghost will be posted? Thank you!

Youve made some truly beautiful models!

Hi Sir! I already pay the vader helmet, but can i get some file without cut? My printer size is allow it.

Hello, I've purchased the model and noted in the description that you offer the non-grill chin piece. Could I get a link for that, please? Also, if you happen to have any recommendations for the eye lenses you've designed the helmet to accommodate that would be helpful.

Thank you,

Sent message to the hex3D address. Thank you!

Hi Jeff, sure do you have an email I can send the link to?

Good morning, before I buy the model I wanted to make sure it is fully manifold and ready to be printed?

hi i would love to try print your do i do this ..cheers..

HI, purchased the Imperial Gunner helmet, can you provide the files in a uncut form. I have a large creality printer and prefer printing as one piece. or in this case the front and the back. If I could get the files unsliced that would be awesome. thanks.
Great models by the way

We cannot provide links here because this is not a private messaging system sadly, please email me at

Hello GeofFro - you still monitoring this message board????

The pic in my user is your Death trooper model By the way

I am 6' 3" tall. What percentage bigger should I make the pieces?

Hey, 6'2" here, I printed the eyes and a bunch of the mask and so far the original size is working. Hope the rest goes ok!

Hello, I am writing to you because I have a problem, I wanted to download your rancor but it only downloads one leg, it does not download the demar files, you will not have them.

Hey there, I got your Darth Vader mask - Was wondering if I could get it full pieces, i.e. Full dome, Full mask, Full neck etc.. I've upgraded my Ender to 400x400x500 So I should be able to try and print it in bigger pieces.

Thanks in advance, love the work!


We cannot provide links here because this is not a private messaging system sadly, please email me at

How goes the work on the rancor? Id really like to give it a go if you can provide me the .stl. I promise I wont complain that it doesnt have ears lol.

Can you scale the Death Trooper for me?

salut je suis tombé sur ta création "la rancoeur de jabba" et je voulais savoir si c'était toujours possible de récupérer les fichiers ? et si oui est ce que tu pourrais me dire ce qui ne va pas pour toi sur la figurine , merci !

Buen día, disculpa me podrías pasar el modelo de Rancor, me gustaría imprimirlo.

Has this mask been updated in the past few years?

Which mask sorry?

Que tal, me interesa imprimir el rancor completo, por favor podrias compartirme el resto de los archivos?

hola bro...podrias compartirlo...? me gustaria imprimirlo para tenerlo en mi coleccion...gracias bro

Come to my account

hi man, thanks for the fantastic stan lee sculpt. printed off beutifully

Hello im searching someone Who could makes me pieces for a chessboard
Thank you