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hola, las tuercas de la cama de ender que tienes a la venta valdrían para la ender 2??

Un saludo.

The only way to purchase it, is through the site, if there are issues in purchasing or downloading, then you must contact the site, and since you did already, it may rake time for them to respond, or you can research faq for cult3d.You may want to try purchasing and downloading via another web browser or payment method. Other then that, I wish I could help you more.

It is possible, but you must first print my design and share a picture of it on the site in the (did you print this section) And if you are still interested, then I'm sure we can work out something, I can then send you a 3d design license agreement that will require you sign and notarize it.

Would it be possible to sell your 4 tower castle at the local fish store? I live in a very small town, and its a local mom and pop shop. I would only expect 0-3 year kinda thing. I can pay x amount per one sold if you wish.