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Hey man, do you just have the socket that you used to add to the helmets?

This file seems to not be downloading, could you check the link please?

Hmm, they seem to be downloading fine on my end...

Hi, what is the Ender 3 settings & filament recommendations?

Hi, which program did you used to hollow the helmets for Space Marine? Thanks in advance.

I used 3d Builder

Fair enough - thanks for responding!

Unfortunately, I don’t have one of those for measuring and test fitting. It was a bit smaller than I’d hoped for, and a little to expensive for me to hack up.

Hey mate,

I was wondering if there was any possibility of the helmets being made compatible with the Bandai Marine?

Kind regards,

Yes, I’ve been making some adjustments to pistols lately, with some other thought going into heavy weapons. Work and helping the kids with school from home have been eating up a lot of my time lately, though.

hi sorry to bother you but are you gonna make a weapon pack like a sword, gun, shield? kind regard