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Hello, I fall in love with your clay rollers! hehe is it possible to sell the printed version? thank you

Hi, I love your designs❤️ I just noticed the new starfish and she'll set have a seahorse file instead of the actual files. Thankyou 🥰

Hi KIMCOOPER-BARRETT! Thank you for your purchases, we keep updating our designs and sometimes we add more elements so that the set is complete, we will be uploading other seafood to the package. We hope it will be useful to you, we always accept suggestions

Thankyou ❤️💕 keep up the great work

Buenos días, he comprado varios cortadores ayer, pero tengo dudas respecto a los tamaños, pones que hay estas medidas: 35mm - 40mm - 45mm y 50mm pero al imprimir y usar el cortador no corresponden las medidas con estas. Entiendo que el tamaño es con la parte de arriba y la parte de abajo en este modelo?

Me gustaría saber mejor que es lo que mide eso, la parte más ancha del cortador o el diseño final cortado?


Hola Vinkudeiro, gracias por tus compras, nosotros tomamos en cuanta los las 2 partes para que la medida sea la que ponemos en la descripción. En el caso de Model 82 Petit Feuille sucede así como lo acabamos de explicar, acabamos de actualizar la imagen de portada del producto, claramente las medidas van a diferir ya sea porque antes de imprimir se escale, también por el tamaño de la argolla que las una. te dejo el enlace para que puedas ver la imagen:

Hola, tienes unos trabajos increibles, pero tengo algunas dudas respecto a los rodillos de textura.
¿Su fabricación debe de ser en resina o PLA?


Hola PPGARMA, gracias por tus compras. Te respondemos por aquí también acerca de tu duda con los rodillos, en la descripción puedes ver lo siguiente, te lo dejo en español:

No se garantiza que todo sea perfecto sobre arcilla, todo dependerá de la calidad de impresión de tu impresora, los resultados perfectos se obtienen con la impresión en resina (SLA)

Se recomienda imprimir rodillos de textura con una altura de capa muy baja, como 0,1 - 0,2 mm, para obtener el mejor resultado.
No se necesitan soportes.
Nuestros rodillos están diseñados para imprimirse fácilmente y son 100% funcionales. Puede ver las imágenes de las impresiones en PLA para verificar que es confiable y se imprimirá

Como podrás ver, los rodillos se imprimen tanto en resina como en PLA, pero como es bien sabido, las impresoras de resina captan todos los detalles al momento de imprimir, porque las impresiones de capas es en micra, haciendo que el trabajo sea lo mejor posible, no hay fallos al momento de imprimir.

Si llegas a tener otra duda estaremos atentos para responderte, espero que con esto se despejen tus dudas

Hola, ayudame, acabo de realizar la compra pero el modelo 3D se encuentra dañado, al observar el diseño se ven los rombos 3d dañados de las formas grabadas

Hello, I know very good about modify smallest detail in 3D projects which takes many many time.
That's why I don't care, you don't have to do it either. The whole 3d thing is just torture anyway.

Very well, if you decide so, there is no problem, our solution is to modify the files within a time limit of 72 hours, because we already have pending work and we have to meet deadlines and we do not want to lie to you by telling you that we will send you the modified files quickly, to waiting for your email

I've bought STls from you, but the cutting edges are way low. They need to be 4mm. Yours are only 1-2mm. This way i will always have stepped edges.
Do you can modify them?
Thank you

Hi Philipp! We appreciate your purchase, we want to tell you that we already handle standard measures and which we try to maintain, each client wants a modification according to their personal taste, but we cannot maintain each client's taste according to their personal criteria, therefore we could modify the designs but not urgently, keep in mind that this entails hours of work to be able to please a unique taste, for example the Lotus flower is in 6 sizes plus each circle that accompanies it, we will have to do everything from scratch to be able to please you, this is hours of work that is not profitable for us, I hope you understand and if you are patient we will make the update within 72 business hours. just leave us an email to send the files to or write to

Hello cheryloeste! Thank you for your purchases, in the case of the cutters you can make a mirror copy, all the SLICER have it included.
In PRUSA SLICER: import the file, right click, then option REFLECT

In Slicer CURA: Import the file, then select it and the options will automatically appear on the side, look for the MIRROR option.

I hope these options are helpful.

This won't download for me.

Hello lagschmitt, can you please give us your email or write me at or and I will send you the files

Hi i bought the sun, moon and circle but it doesn't work to print. It says that the layer 16 and 32 are missing. I have tired too downloaded it again but i doesn't help,

Hi! Can you provide me with more detail? What type of SLICER do you use, and what model of printer do you have? If you just tell me that there are missing layers it doesn't help me much, I have printed it several times on an ENDER 3 PRO and also on an ENDER V2, the files are fully functional, so I will be very grateful if you provide more details about the slicer you use

Hello! Glad to see your polymer clay texture roller, can be designed as hollow: length 80mmX diameter 20mm, wall thickness 3mm, we order your design, my email:, thank you!

Hello! Thank you for your purchase, in the case of personalized designs you can write to our email:
All personalized designs have a different price than the one published in cults, if you are willing to pay for personalized work contact us, otherwise you can buy according to the measurements that are already available for the rollers: 10 cm high, 3 cm in diameter, wall 0.5 cm, most of the rollers are solid, but some are hollow, the specifications are in the product description

I love your cutters! Ans so does my 3d printer! I was wondering if you will be creating any like .5 inch (post size) summer cutters. Like sunglasses, shells, seahorses. thanks!

Hello B1983! Thank you for your purchases and also for choosing us, soon we will be uploading summer files, we appreciate the suggestion

Hola, en los últimos modelos subidos no se entiende bien la cantidad de piezas que vienen por pack,
Al parecer en la imagen estan duplicados con o sin pasos. Seria ideal que dejara las fotos como antes para saber cuanta cantidad de cortadores vienen al comprar

Hola 2EGARENA, puedes explicarte mejor? actualmente seguimos subiendo los archivos con sus respectivas medidas, los cortadores vienen en 4 medidas distintas, en el caso de los rodillo algunos vienen en 2 versiones, hueco y solido. No logramos entender a que te refieres, si es que tu necesitas ver las medidas de cada uno en la imagen hazlo saber diciendo: Necesito saber en que medidas están los archivos, ya que en la imagen no se ve.( en la descripción del producto podrás ver las medidas) Ante cualquier duda o consulta vuelmenos a escribir, o escribenos al whatsapp para una respuesta inmediata:


I love your creations. I am about to print off the zagged heart design to make some polymer clay jewelry. I was wondering if I would be able to sell the prints that I print off, if not I totally understand.

Hello EIGHTEENTHANGEL, to reach a commercial agreement and that you can sell the physical designs write to our whatsapp:

Hi is there a mirrored set for the 3 women please. thankyou

Hello KIMCOOPER-BARRET ! Leave me your email or write to write me on whatsapp to coordinate

hallo darf ich die gedruckten Sachen verkaufen

Will you be having - POLYMER CLAY CUTTER/MINI BUNDLE BASIC SHAPE - in a larger size. These are great shapes for pendants. Can I just resize them? Will they print properly?

Hi Sucorra! Yes, you can climb it, the fio will still be good, but not as sharp. We can do in more measures, just let me know which one you need and we will make them. You can send me photos to my email:

What kind of printer are you using? For the entertwined hearts - the bottom, outer edge seems to be too thin. I have tried various settings and that part still does not print. On the inner part of the smaller heart - part of the large heart comes through and leaves a small line causing an unwanted imprint on the smaller heart. It is not as pictured in your description photo.

I sent photos in an email

Hello Sucorra, I have not received a message from your email. As for which printer I use, it is the following: ENDER 3 PRO THE SLICER THAT I USE IS CURA, THE PRINTING HAS BEEN DONE PERFECTLY IN THE 4 DIFFERENT SIZES. Please tell me which printer you use and which SLICER, so I can see if it is a problem with the printer itself or some configuration that you are not doing well.

Nevermind. I saw your printer settings in a previous comment. After using your printer settings - The print came out perfect. Thanks

Good to know SUCORRA, any concern or problem just let me know and I will do my best to solve it

The files that I downloaded for the doughnut cutters do not match the file names that you wrote in the description. These are the file names in the download I have - MO14E5~1

This is what is in the description -
Model 16 . cutting edge 0.2mm.stl
Model 16 . cutting edge 0.4 mm.stl
Model 16 . cutting edge 0.2mm.stl
Model 16 . cutting edge 0.4 mm.stl
Model 16 . cutting edge 0.2mm.stl
Model 16 . cutting edge 0.4 mm.stl
Model n 16.stl

Hello SUCORRA! Thank you for your purchases, you can write to my email please, so I sent you the files of model No. 16

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hola, sabes, compre dos Stl de cortadores de arcilla polimerica (7-PIECE POLYMER CLAY CUTTER SET-MODEL #7-DESING LORREN3D y POLYMER CLAY CUTTER/DANGLE SILHOUETTE / LORREN3D ) y ambos estan con errores al imprimir, ya en el PrusaSlicer muestra vacios en las terminaciones de arriba y al imprimir salen como unos grupos al finalizar la pieza. Compre un set gigante y esta super bueno ningun error, por eso compre los demas pero no fue el resultado que esperaba. favor me avisas a mi correo muchas gracias.

  • 1 j’aime

Hola Nekita! En breve te envió los archivos a tu correo, déjame saber que impresora usas, así yo verifico en Prusa con la misma impresora, así no habrá errores

Hola NEKITA, se te a enviado los archivos al correo electrónico, también la actualización esta disponible para descarga en cults:

Hola como estás! Te quería consultar si tenés diseño de rodillo textura escamas de peces, me están pidiendo con esa textura pero no encontré en tu perfil.
Desde ya muchas gracias y saludos!

Hola Gertec! Estamos trabajando en ello, hasta el momento no tenemos rodillo con esa textura, al terminarlo te avisaremos

just a quick note to let you know i love your cutter designs, i am getting a friend to print them out as i am a maker of earrings .
Keep up the great work

Hello DEBO59! Thank you for your words and also for your purchases, we always want to do our best, thank you very much

Must all of your hand rollers be printed in resin? Or can they be printed in pla as well?

Hello cafraser1984!
The rollers are mostly printable in PLA (FDM), those with very fine details are the ones that I recommend printing in resin (SLA)
In the description you mentioned if it is for FDM (PLA) or SLA (RESIN)

Bjr Lorren,
Pourriez vous me dire quel slicer vous utiliser svp car j utilise prusa mais je n ai pas de beaux résultats?
Merci beaucoup.

Bonjour Bérangère ! J'utilise CURA SLICER, le dimanche je n'avais pas l'habitude de me connecter, écris sur mon email pour voir la solution aux problèmes d'impression.

Hi Lorren,
Earlier today I purchased several files from you. I will print them in a printing studio.
One of the files is being destroyed during the slicing (the cactus in hexagon). Can you please check it?

Hi Katya! I check it now and update, if you can write to my email: and we coordinate. Soon I will upload the update to cults and I will write you here if I do not receive a message in my email account