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Hello, I'm sorry to hear that, I just downloaded it and it seems to work correctly, do you have any program to open zip files installed?
Anyway, I'm going to contact Cults in case they have any problems on their end.


i used an unzip online and i open the file, thanks

hello i have download the Draco Malfoy wand and for some reason it is corrupted and ever time i try to download it after that it is the same messed up file

I'm sorry to hear that, why do you say that the files are corrupted?

ever time i try to open the file it tells me its invalid

I just downloaded and tested it and it seems to be ok, can you try on another computer or another laminator?

Hello! I'm having some trouble making the wand portions. Is this supposed to be the full cane? I have two files labeled "wand" that look identical.

Hello! No, the design is not meant to be the entire staff, just the wand part.
the wand has been cut in two to make it easier to print as otherwise it would be too long to fit on most 3d printers

Thanks for the help. I apologize for all the questions, I'm a new printer. I have 4 STL files in the pack I downloaded. "Lucius Wand 1" and "Lucius Wand 2" look identical. There's no way obvious to me to connect them.

Don't worry, I'm here to help :)
If you look closely, number 2 has a hole in one of the ends.
This is due to the fact that the wand is too long to print at once, so it has been divided into these two parts.
You must print both and glue them next to the handle to build the complete wand.
The Fang.stl is in case during printing the fangs don't print correctly and you want to replace them.
If you need more help, don't hesitate to ask.

I love this design! My son has wanted a LM cane wand for ages. We did a smaller size test print and my question is about support. Do you have recommended support settings for the pieces? Thanks!

Thanks for the appreciation man.
When I printed it I did so orienting it with the mouth facing up but you can clearly see the print lines. Another way would be vertical as it appears in the photos, the bad thing is that having a small surface could become unstable when it reaches the upper layers. I would recommend the first option.
I hope your son enjoys it!!

I am very new to 3d printing. I just printed your Dolores Umbridge wand. How do you use the post for added strength with adhesion?

Sorry for taking so long to answer
You mean the stick stl? is for joining the two wand parts

Hello, I found your 3D model of Lucius wand and I love it! Do you have a picture of the printed version?
Thank you,

I just added them, you can see them in this link :)

Hi Jacky,
Yes, you have to put support because the snake head is one piece, the other pieces do not need any support.
I have printed it on my Ender 3 and it looks pretty good.
Nice printing!

I have an ender 3d pro printer.
For the Lucius Malfoy wand, do you need to put supports?
Thank you

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