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I saw your 3d sculpture of clayface it is superb. I'm making a collection of Batman Villain and wanted to know if it would be possible for you to sculpt this character entirely?

Thank you for your answer

What’s your email bud?

Hey bud. I got your message saying I could get 40% off a collection pack. I’d like to purchase the Spider-Man 90s character pack with kingpin goblin etc

Could you write me directly to my gmail. I have some issues with cults in this moment. Thanks.

Hello, I'm someone who's a novice voice actor & I've had a huge passion for Spider-man & Juggernaut growing up. I've been learning a lot about 3d modeling in blender this year, driven by the goal of making vrchat avatars and voice acting for them in potential videos people who may want to hire me like to do. All that context being said, I'm wondering if you'd be willing to share a neutral peter parker model if not a full body version with the mask & without, if you would like to see my work with vrchat avatars so far, I'd be more than happy to show you. All I ask is that you provide constructive criticism if anything since I'm still VERY new to modelling & texture work.

If payment is necessary which I assume it is, I'd be honoured if you're willing to discuss a price range and payment plans I could provide to you within reason.I know you get a lot of messages, but I do hope you read & respond to this

Well first of all thanks to enjoy my work, that mean so much for me.
Mmmm.... I can see your email. Let's talk directly in gmail or instagram, cause there are some things that I need to ask you.... and of course I would like to see your work.

Hi I love your job 😍. I was wondering if you had the models of the whole gargoyles (from head to toe)? And what was your price for making personalized models? Thank you (can you reply me on my email please,

hola si lo quiero escalar a tamaños mas grande la calidad es pobre ? hasta que tamaño la calidad seri aceptable ? muchas gracias

No he hecho la prueba de imprimirlos a mayor tamaño pero un 2x o 3x no tendría ningún problema ya que las piezas tienen conservan una buena calidad de detalles. Más allá de esos tamaños no te podría asegurar nada.
Tienes alguna escala en mente?

Hey Derian,

I purchased the Spike Spiegel bust and as soon as I load the file into Lychee Slicer 3 Pro, I get warnings about it being non-manifold. Do you have a version of this file that works with resin printing without structural issues? Already tried printing it twice and had failed prints both times with lots of structural supports in place. Thanks.

Wow that's new!
Let me check it (cause is the first time I hear it) and I'll contact you ASAP.

Thank you! I apologize, as I thought this message was private. To anyone who is considering buying this model: it is BEAUTIFUL. I am new to printing, so it is probably my fault and not the fault of the model author. Please don't let my confusion deter you from buying this.

Don't worry the idea is that you can have your model printed so if I can help I'll do it with pleasure.
About the model I checked again the model to see if there are issues or holes but I couldn't nothing strange and due I only print in pla (just for now... although I hope I can get a resin printer ASAP) I have no experience with resin printers, even so I found this video that teach how solve that problem with the program that you told me. Please check out it and if it works fine tell me... I mean maybe I can have problems in the future when I get my printer.

Great work man, congratulations.

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Hope you enjoy the collection of this month too.

What kind of discount do you offer for Patreons? Just curious. I love your work, but I have limited funds and only like certain genre of Anime. Let me know so I can join and get some of your stuff ;)


Hey man thanks to enjoy my work!
So far the benefits to be my patreon is a early access to the models (you have it first than any platform), also the money you spend for new collection is less if you compare it with my other platforms.

This Work is amazing, i Just start to print Lexington from Gargoyles and you did every Detail, its unbeliveable.
Cant wait to see more of our Childhood,
you bring the 90s back.

Hi mate. Amazing stuff. Are you going to be working on Nefertina? My collector's OCD won't let me start printing the others with her missing. :-D

Well each month I made a collection of 5 bust of a 90 series and 1 or 2 sculptures related with gi joe, so I can't promise that this month I can make them (RIght now I'm a little busy with work), but in march or April I want to complete the previews packs like cowboy beebop (ed and ein), gargoyles (Demona, Lisa, Angela and Elisa), Spiderman (scorpion) and of course robotech. It can take me a little bit to complete Make Dixon and Miriya but I primise I make them. thanks for enjoy my work.

Glad to see that you made some Robotech/Macross sculpts. Can't wait to print them. I hope you make some of the other characters such as Ben Dixon and Miriya Sterling which I have not seen anyone else sculpt. Keep up the great work!

No, thanks to you to ask
In this platform I only post characters related to anime series related with the 90's because is the topic that I like.

For that kind of characters more complex for the style, details or for the time that they take (as the titan can be) I usually make pools. For example 10 guys who want a specific sculpture can support that project (pool) with 30 or 50 dollars (depending the complexity of the model) or 50 guys can support the pool with 10 dollars.
That kind of models can be a little bit expensive to do (time) or to buy (price), but with the pool it can works fine because in my case I get enough support while I create the model and as reward the group get a personaliced model that only they can have for a low price, a model that I can't sell to anyone else due is their model.
Sorry if the explanation is a little bit... too long, but I need to be as much clear as I can in case that you (if is the case) or someone else want this kind of personaliced service.
Of course I can do something like that (I like them too), but only as comission and only as a pool, because is easier for people to pay it.
if you have other question don't hesitate to tell me (the answer will be shorter, jejeje)

hello was just wondering if you were potentially thinking of doing the armoured titan from attack on titan? many thanks

Nada, gracias a ti.

Huy hermano gracias por decirme! claro revisando vi que tenia un error en los archivos!
Ya el archivo esta corregido, por lo que puede volver a descargarlo sin problemas. Las otras gargolas las puede conservar como agradecimiento por avisarme o como disculpa por el fallo de mi parte. Si le da algun problema la descarga me puede contactar por correo o por instagram que es el que uso con mayor frecuencia. Gracias por apoyar mi trabajo.

Hola buenos días, queria felicitarte por el trabajo que haces, sería increíble que hicieras a bronx de la serie de gárgolas, pero quería decirte que compre el Pack de las 5 gárgolas, las que tienen las alas cerradas y se me descargó el de las alas desplegadas, muchas gracias y espero con ilusión tus nuevos proyectos

Follow me on Cults3d to see my 3d designs !!!
💥💥👉 Everyday I upload new designs and once a week I also upload a free to download design.

👇 You can follow me here...

any chance of you doing a crimson guard like the trroper? great work btw!

Of course I can Actually I'm trying to complete that team!
The thing is I dont know If I can complete the team before of this year end, I mean in this moment I'm very busy with other pack, but definitely I'm gonna finish it in less of a month. I promise

hey can you make an Ed / Ein bust to complete the group? thanks, i posted a rough make of spike. i still need to paint him

Thanks, the hair was a little difficult, but I enjoyed working in this bust, because I love this anime. I'm glad to see that you like spike.
If you have any issue or difficult with the file, you can tell me anytime.

i love this cowboy bebop bust series you did. I can't wait to collect them all! Thanks you!