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Hello, ACCESSORIES SPIRIT BLOSSOM MASTER YI is it suitable for Ender 3?

Hey yes

Hello sir, I am very curious about whether your models are piece by piece or what the stl files are, so I will buy them accordingly.

I hi wanted to buy your MISS FORTUNE BROKEN COVENANT PRESTIGE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS STL FILES but before doing it I wanted to ask you if the barrel is sliced as a single piece. Because I wanted to print this part in clear in order to use led and give to the prop more life

Hey if you want to make changes to the cutting of the files you can as long as it doesn't change the design.


Hello, I'm from Chile

I bought this Soraka Cafe Cuties design for a client for a commission, I send you this message just to inform, and when I have the design ready tag you with my instagram, and I think I'll ask for a change inside :)

Thanks to you !

Hi, i would like to print the Miss Fortune Broken Covenant Prestige Pistol for a friend. I would Print it on a Resin 8k printer, build hight is 235mm are the files exactly 250mm high? I mean that could be just resized. How much resin will it take? Are the bought files presupported? Thanks in advance! Regards Melvin

I don't have the dimensions in mind for the weapon parts but it is possible to cut them smaller.
I did not print the weapon in resin but only in PLA for the moment

Kind regards

Alright thanks. How much pla did it take to print, do you know that? The file is presupported right?

The parts are pre-cut but the supports are not present

Hi, do you have idea when you make the Diana battle queen prestige edition?

Hey for the moment I haven't started modeling yet you can pass me a commission if you wish.


How can i contact in private?

You can send me a mail at

Hi, I was thinking of ordering the heartthrob caitlyn gun but I was wondering how much in pla it will cost and how long the print is as I need a prob for an upcoming con

Hey it takes at least 2kg of pla and 150h of printing but everything depends on your settings and your printer

Hello, I would like to know how is the file sliced, so I can know if my printer can print it since I dont know how to slice files myself yet, thanks.

Im asking about the electro mage staff

Each setting is different for the printer you little used Cura ^^

Hello everything is fine? my sister wanted to buy the accessories file from Soraka Star Guardian, but as we live in Brazil the conversion is very expensive, would you have a way to buy it somehow but a little cheaper?

I can also go through paypal for 3D files

Hello, i purchased the caitlyn heartthrob 3D files but when i started printing i had an issue. On part H the balls came out super deformed, i think this is because there is no support for them. What can i do to fix this?
Greetings Anna

Hey you can add supports where you have the deformation.

Which settings do you recommend?

You can put 50 for the angles for the supports

bonjour ! je me demandais si tu prenais les commissions ? si oui est il possible de te passer une commande ? merci bonne journée !

Bonjour, je prendre des commissions si ça vous intéressé ^^
Vous pouvez retrouver tous mes lien ici :


Hey, for me it takes 2.5 kg


I bought the katarina faerie court knife. Just wondering have you printed it with support?
My software indicated that printing is fine without the support but the overhangs seem quite large in my eyes.

(anyway printing it now, will update with the progress)

Hey thank you!
Piece A needs support to hold the end of the ornament that sticks out.


Hello, I bought your star guardian Neeko design and was wondering how much filament is needed for all of them? (How many rolls?) I have to ask my friend to print it for me and would like to know in advance how much filament I’ll need for her

Hey everything will depend on the settings you use but less than 1kg should be more than enough


Hello, I bought your star guardian Neeko design and was wondering how much filament is needed for printing? (Like how many rolls of filament?

Heartthrob Caitlyn League of Legends all the cuts with the square holes get the error.

Hello, sorry, I'm going to look at what's wrong and I'm going to update the file, do you have an email so that I can send you the updates?

The file was updated yesterday you can download it

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Hello! I bought your Abyss Mage mask Genshin Impact STL, I didn't read it was split in 2 pieces, is possible to have the full mask file? Thanks!

Hey ! Can you email me your request?

Thank you

  • 1 j’aime

Done! Thanks for the fast answer :D cannot wait to print the abyss mage mask <3

Hello !
I bought your Rakan and Xayah Star Guardian accessories and I would like to know if you're planning to do Zoe's too ?
Our Zoe is a bit sad about her stock accessories and yours are really pretty ;_;

Hello and thank you !
I'm thinking of doing Zoé in the next few weeks :)

Hello, I bought your "Accessoires Winter Wonder Soraka League of Legends Fichiers STL". Can you send me the crown in the one part? I'd like to cut it myself.


Can you email me your request?

Thank you

Hello, there is a design that I am very interested in for my cosplay, which is the accessories and weapon of Star Guardian Senna.

Hello for the moment I have not yet made his accessories but they are in progress.

Hi, I had a little problem, in the file "Etoile" the design is not hollow, but present the internal structure of every single part of the object in the making. The slicer can't slice properly the object... can you update it with a hollow version? Thanks!

Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. I will update it as soon as possible.

You can contact me by email on if you have any other questions 😀

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