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Hello , which printer model? which slicer? What dimension do you print the key at? speed mm / s? layer thickness? (0.10 / 0.15 / 0.20)? a lot of parameters can be taken into account for the letter problem and may not be due to stl but to gcode configuration.

I try Cura and prusaSlicer :
- initial size (213 x 182 x 7 mm)
- 30mm/s
- layers height :0.16 (same issue with 0.15mm)

With 0.2mm buse it's working ! :)

everything seems ok, I have already sold and printed this key several times and I have never encountered any problems, I am waiting for parts for my machine and I will test it in the week I will get back to you. in the meantime can you send a photo of the rendering obtained with your machine to my email address? thank you


I have issue with your pinochio keys

letters do not print well it's link wo to not have the last top layer of all letters ...

any idea ?


hola, puedo hacer un dumbo para el sábado, buen fin de semana para ti (usé un traductor ^^)

buenas noches consulta tenfras modelos llave con dumbo??

Good evening, No I don't have the Rescuers movie, but I can do some research to see what I find, thank you for your comment, it's nice

Hi i really enjoyed making the keys i purchased from you, looks like i will probably be purchasing more lol
I was wondering if you have made a Disney The Rescuers Key? :)

Bonjour quel modèle d'imprimante avez vous ?
En quelle taille l'avez vous imprimer ?
Quel sont vos paramètres d'impression ?

J'ai vendu déjà 4 ou 5 fois ce modèle et pas de problèmes jusqu'à present


bonjour jais acheter un de vos model de cle la belle et la bête et je suis déçu quand on l imprime les tige des rose son pas la et les bras de lumière nn plus

There is a problem on pinocchio, I will fix it tomorrow, can send you an email on so I can send you the key as an attached file and to forgive me I offer you one of your choice. thanks (I am using a translator)

hello, I'm looking at this tomorrow and getting back to you. I did not print all the keys. do you have problems with the other keys? thanks see you tomorrow (I'm using a translator)

Hi sorry to bother you. I purchased quite a few 3d disney keys from you and i have gone to print the Pinocchio key and Pinnochio prints paper thin compared to the rest of the key which is great Is there anything i can do to make Pinnochio print thicker? Thanks

Bonjour , Merci a vous également. :)

Merci pour le suivi