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Hi. I appreciate your Micky model. But question, when scaling up the broom and printing it on an ender 3 v2, it will not print correctly. The model ends up shifting repeatedly through the print. It’s the only model that does this. And potential ideas?

Hello, thank you so much for your purchase! That Is very strange, but i'm guessing because the broom is a round tall object, your stepper motors get shifted every few layers, my guess would be to reduce the jerk speed and overall print speed see if that works? that is if the shifting starts near the midpoint of the print. It would help if I saw the failed print?

I'm sorry that you're having trouble, I will help you until you get it right!

Hi Darius,

I absolutely love your model of President Zelensky! I was wondering if you would allow me to print and sell it on ebay with the listing set up so that 100% of the net proceeds from the item price would go to support organizations helping Ukraine? Ebay makes it really easy to do this with them automatically collecting and sending the money to the organizations chosen. The listing would be marked by ebay as charitable and would say "all net proceeds going to charity." There would also be an explanation attached underneath about the organization(s) and what they do. In the item description, I would of course give you credit for the design.


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Hey Nate,
Thank you so much for your message, it means the world to me! I'm glad you liked the model!
If and only if you are really going to give 100% of the income to the charity, of course why not, I'll allow it.
Yes it would be awesome to get a mention, that would help me as a very small artist.

Thanks again and good luck!

I hope your cause succeeds!

Thanks so much, I'll send you a link to the listing when it's all set up!

No problem! thanks a lot for letting me know.

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Nice. I hope you sell enough to satisfy your goal.

Hi, Darius,

Nice to meet you. This is Tanith, marketing at ELEGOO.
I'm wondering if we could print the Rick and Morty on spaceship model and post the printing video on our TikTok account?

Best regards,

Hey there! Thanks for asking! It's one of my older models, I hope it prints well! I'm honored! print away! if the file needed tweaking, let me know! Nice printers by the way, we have a mars pro 2!

Kind Regards



کارهات رو دیدم خیلی باحاله، فکر کنم خوب بخرن، فقط به نظر من اشکالش اینه که پرینت شدش رو نمیذاری

ممنون از تعریفا🤗
چرا اعتماد نکنم؟
از هیچی که بهتره !
به شما هم توصیه میکنم که این کارو بکنی 😉

ممنون، کارهایه شما هم باحاله، چرا مجانی، خوب بذار پولها پیش
من پولی تا حالا ازشون نگرفتم، کل درآمدم پیش خودشون مونده

شما کجایید؟

ممنون از لطف شما
بله فعلا مقیم شیراز هستم

Hi Darius, Yes, the '10,000 hours' thing. Practice does make perfect. I joined the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) for $40 a year, and a free copy of Solidworks Student version comes with the membership. So I spend many hours every week using Solidworks, and I've gotten to the point, where for some things, I can translate ideas into a physical model pretty quickly. But Solidworks doesn't support many of the primitives that ZBrush does. So some shapes are very hard to create with it. Not having much of a personal R&D budget, ZBrush at $40 a month is expensive. Why did you choose ZBrush? And have you tried Blender or other tools?

And normally I'm slow to check my Cults messages, but I check my Thingiverse messages regularly. Also you can post pictures with the messages. If you contact me there, I will send you some pictures of the (simple) spaceships that I've been working on.

Hi Darius,

For a ZBrush beginner, I'm really impressed. You have a great eye for capturing a design. I suspect that I would not be able to nearly as good a job of creating a model from an image. I can do it for mechanical things that are comprised of spheres, cylinders, planes, etc., but I struggle with things that have a lot of complex curved surfaces, like an animated character. Before I saw your model, I considered attempting to make a Marvin model (he is pretty simple), but getting that good of likeness of Daffy Duck would be impossible for me. Thanks for the pointers. And I will check out Michael Pavlovich.

And I apologize for taking so long to respond. I'm not very good at checking my Cults messages.

Regards, Steve

Hi Darius,

Thanks for getting back to me. Your model was perfect for a project that I have been working on. I posted my make. Check it out. It is not quite done. I still need to add some grass under the cow.

I'm good at making models for stuff like spaceships, but I have never tried making one of a character. I was almost ready to attempt to do Marvin, but then I discovered your model.
How long did it take you to make the model? And how much of a learning curve does Zbrush have?

My email is mcmaven@gmail, if you connect, I will send you pictures of some of the other space ship models I've made.
Some of the other models that I've made are posted here: The Tardis is another of my 'space ships'. It only took a couple of hours to design using Solidworks, but I'm VERY familiar with the tool. However Solidworks is not very good for doing organic designs like Marvin, so I've stayed away from them.



Hi Darius,
What program do you use for making your models?
They are really good.