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Hi, i LOVE your designs they are totally amazing! I have a friend whom is a big Lilo and Stitch fan and she keeps asking for a Stitch pokeball. is that something you would make?

Is it possible to sell the printed pokeball? They a are all great!

Best regards

Hi! Thank you! Yes, I do not mind if you will sell just prints, no digital files :)

  • 2 j’aimes

Thats dope! Keep Up the Work!

  • 1 j’aime

you have made mickey mouse

maybe you need to make stitch to? ;-)

Hi! Thank you for an idea. I will keep it in mind for future projects

Can I print and sell these as kits?

  • 1 j’aime

Hi! Sure, I do not mind if you will sell just prints, no digital files.

  • 1 j’aime

Thank you

Hi, I see this Lucas Oil Stabilizer Monster Truck files also on cg trader under a different seller name and the prices are different but they are the same files. Wondering if that is also you selling there.

  • 1 j’aime

Hi! Yes, it is me also:)

do you have groot pokeball or more marvel

Unfortunately, no. Not all shapes can be made in my CAD software.


Does your Star Trek TOS Phaser Rifle kit include the transparent shroud covering the “copper “cylinders

Hi! Transparent sheet should be made from plexiglass sheet or use clear tubes 47.6x50.8x1.6, and STL file "Plate for clear tubes 47.6x50.8x1.6"

Hello! I love your work and I wanted to ask you, what software do you work on?

Hello! I am glad you lake my work! I use CAD software for engineering needs

Hola que software usas

Hello! Sorry, what do you mean?

Hi, just wondering if you do deals on multiple purchase? I'm looking to buy pokeball designs of any of the original 151 gen 1 pokemon. thanks.

Hello! Unfortunately, I can make a set on this website. But you can find my sets here:

Also you can use the button "offer price" :)

On your stretch tires can I rescale them to 1/64 ?

Maybe yes, but maybe not all small elements of tire can be printed in such small scale

Oh ok thank you

Do you give a discount for buying multiple files or does the $10.79 cover commercial licensing????

Hi! Unfortunately, this platform do not allow to make sets or collections for multiple purchase.
I do not mind if you will use prints for your business, just do not sell or share digital files you bought.

do you have patreon or myminifactory

No, I don't. But you can also find me on other famous markeplaces

where might that be at good sir

and also the main reason im asking is if i buy all 116 of your pokeballs thats like $1300 lol

you can find my sets here:

Also you can use the button "offer price" :)

Hello, do you have any eevee designs? Or did you plan to do one?

Hi! Unfortunately, I do not have. Not all shapes can be made in my CAD software

Too bad, I also wanted to ask if you would ever make evee


je voulais savoir si vous pouviez faire ce pneu,un michelin FLOATXBIB


Hi! I think I can make! What exact size do you need?

Hi! If you are still interested, please, take a look here

Hello, would you be interested in selling just the fender exit header filefrom your vintage hemi gasser engine?

Hello! Unfortunately, I am not interested. Sorry

It's ok, I'm not interested in buying the whole engine :p

I have got to say holy cow your Star Wars blaster print files are amazing!!!!! I just finished the K-16 and it is extremely well designed. Just had to stop by and say that and thank you.

  • 1 j’aime

Thank you for your feedback! I am glad you like it!:D

  • 1 j’aime

hi is that the best price you can do on the K-16 pistol? there are a few similar to yours listed for free but your model is slightly better but wanted to see if you would do a lower price?

Hi! You can also find this model on 3Dexport or CGTrader. Now there are discount for shot period.

I have tried 30 times....not kidding. I move the object around in different positions, try different settings and it will not print correctly. How do i get to print the top of the charizard ball. What settings did you use? I can print everything perfectly untilll I get to the antennas thats in the air and than it fails from there.

Hello! I only design my models. I palnned that top part will be printed in normal position as it is in assembly.

p.s. did you also use "STL_parts_for version with separated wings"?

Hey is it possible to split the wings of Dragonite like you did with Charizard? It would be much easier to print?

Thank you!

  • 1 j’aime

Hi! Yes, I've added version with separated wings. Please, use an archive "STL_parts_separated wings"

By any chance do you know if the chassis will fit the new AMT silverado 1500

Hello! Unfortunately, I do not know.

There are 10 different designs that I want to purchase. Am I able to make my own set?

Hi! Unfortunately, here on this website I can't make set or collection. Please, find me on CGTrader and name a pokeballs you want. On CGT I can make a collection

Thanks, sent message on CGTrader. Let me know if you don't get it because the contact said 3DTechDesign

  • 1 j’aime

I got the message :)

hello i would like to know would you do any custom work off a file you already have ??

Hello! For now I am not interested in private projects.

will you make any more eeveelutions? I can only find Umbreon and espeon, I like your designs and would buy them all

Hi! Thank you, I am glad you like my work. Unfortunately, not all designs can be made in my software. I use CAD software which is mostly for engineering needs.

Since the Pokeballs don't have a flat bottom, are you going to make a stand for them?

never mind. I just found them, lol

  • 1 j’aime

Yes, I have three sets of stands:)

Do you have a zoroark? I can't seem to find a way to search on your designs.

Unfortunately, I don't. Also I do not know how associate it with ball design. Sorry.

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