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Having problems with files some are empty folder other parts don’t print crystal deal and winged serpent fire dragons legs don’t print any help is thankful

bonjour,j'aime bien vos création dragon avez vous deja eu l'idée ou imaginé un dragon en style steampunk ? cela pourrai etre joli


I know you get a lot of messages, so i wanted to make sure this one stands out :)

HELLO, It seems that your crystal dragon model has now been flawed. A portion of the body is not touching the bed..... and it also seems that this is not the only 3D Print that is having this issue. I've experienced the same issue from another model made by another artist/maker! So I almost wonder if this is a SITE-WIDE ISSUE?? Please fix so I can Print this dragon with my new filament. (Also, please do not get rid of the model that has the "harder to print feet" the ones that are curved off the bed. I love that version :)) Thanks

can you do a 4 of juily dragon

4 of july dragon

hello can i ask you about STL Baby Crystal Dragon, how can I buy it?

hello can i ask you about STL Baby Crystal Dragon, how can I buy it?

good morning i downloaded your crystal dragon file and it's not showing up in my files. I'm new to 3d printing and love the things you make. I've downloaded others of your files and they work beautiful. this one is the only i can't get to work. thank you

U should make a articulated flame winged dragon next😁


Hi I bought the crystal dragon earlier on today and it doesn’t seem to have all the files when I downloaded it?

I was just wondering, as a new patreon member. Do I get to choose 3 dragons to sell? Like I want to sell the crystal, rose, and woodland. But I wasn't sure if I get to choose or if you assign 3 to me? please let me know when you can. And I look forward to selling your amazing prints. Your very talented.

Hallo, welches filament verwendet ihr

Hi, just want the baby crystal dragon stl my kids have seen it on tiktok as I recently brought and printed your crystal dragon.
Thanks Sam

I downloaded it but it won't open up in cura, can someone please help.

I'm going to get a Patreon subscription from you the following month. How many models will I be able to sell commercially under you as a subscriber? I don't think I will be selling more than 10 to 15 a month.
I have both FDM, and Resin printers.
Thank you for your time.

Hi, sorry to let you know that some of your flexi dragons are appearing on Creality cloud, I saw the woodland dragon on there today. I recently became a patron of yours but I couldn’t get the message to work. It really gets me angry that this model theft happens, but I hope you get it sorted.

good gentles i would like to see about getting a commercail lic with you so i could sell prints of your work. i have never done this with anybody else. not sure what needs to happen . my email is olaf1949 @ thank you hope to hear back soo

me encanto , el diseño esta fantastico :D

I was looking to purchase your baby crystal dragon. I have purchased a couple dragons from you here on Cults, but wasn't looking to sign up for patreon. Will you be releasing the baby dragon here or is there a way of purchasing it from patreon? Thanks

I printed the big dragon 2 times with no issues. then I printed the small coiled one and a foot fell off, then part of the tail. I figured it was due to the small size. Then I printed the dragon for the rectangle bed and had spaghetti mid-way through the tail section. As a result, one of the rings did not print fully, and the tail came off. It could be my bed leveling, though I have auto level and everything else has printed fine. I am wondering if perhaps, that part of the tail is not flat. anyways, I love the model and am anxious to hear suggestions on fixing my issue.

Would you be able to make the crystal rose dragon have wings? Like move the legs down and then put the wings where the back legs were?

good afternoon. I can't follow Patreon because I'm from Russia. Is there any way to get baby dragon models from you?)

Hi, I was wondering the rose dragon is it possible to print this on a Prusa Mini+ with recommended print settings?

Hello, i have purchased the file for dune striker but I'm having issues opening file in Cura it's telling me that the destination path is to long and won't open, please give some feedback so I can print this nice design thanks.