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HI Cinderwing3d, My daughter really wants me to get your cute articulated wyvern for her 10th birthday - so much so that she will pay the fee. I have a creality CP-01 unit (like a basic model that is over 2 years old ) havent used it much due to small kids... I am not sure what the filiment is that you are using - I have PLE - is that acceptable? I would hate for her to be disappointed. (I have looked at the files, but wasnt sure of the material because its been so long since I have tried this (I am in Western Australia)

Thank you!

Hi 👋 I’m a huge fan of your work I really wished that I had money to join your subscription unfortunately I cannot afford it at this moment in time please can you assist me with downloading?

Hey there if you are having trouble downloading files from Cults, please check out the FAQS:

I have a question in regards to the Cinder eggs and the Dragons you have available. Assuming with keeping the Dragon print at 100% with out changing the size of it how much bigger would the egg have to be in order to fit the dragon in there comfortably?

: For eggs: 50% for 50% turtles, 75% for 50% babies, 100% for 75% babies, 125% for 75% adults, and 150% for 100% adults. All no wings. Step up in size to fit wings.

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Hey I was just curious if I would be able to sell prints of one of yor dragons. For some context Im 17 years old and will be selling them at a market. I truly love the designs and really think other people would too.

If you would like to sell with a commercial license you will need to subscribe to either my Patreon or MyMiniFactory Tribes! It's $10 a month.

Hellow there, i'm a fan of your drgons,i'm already Buy few of your design on cults3D , how i can get commercial license??

If you would like to sell with a commercial license you will need to subscribe to either my Patreon or MyMiniFactory Tribes! It's $10 a month.

Hello, i recently found out about the articulated dragons, yours are really pretty and detailed, i only have i small issue tho, i dont have a credit card, and my parents would prob not buy me it, i dont expect you giving me a free dragon 3D model, because in my opinion thats just dissrespectfull and unfair to ask for something free when you work on it so hard, so i just wanted to compliment your creations, and they are really amazing! Like really amazing, the detail and amazing fantazies, like the sunflower or clover dragon, just wow, i defenetly recomend to others to buy this (if you have a 3D printer ofc), Maybe when ill make my own hard earned money ill buy it.

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Both myself and buddy tried to print the crystal dragon and again and again it messes up. He tried resin printing and it still messes up i feel your file is bad and needs fixed, both our printers are calibrated correctly and tried multiple different settings still getting the same problem

I'm sorry to hear that! You are welcome to join our Discord to connect with other Cinder Resin folks! I do not have a resin printer myself so I can't offer too much help in that regard.

Out of curiosity, do you have any idea how small I can make the Harvest Lurker before it becomes too weak or just won't link the tentacles properly?

We test everything it is 60-100%

Hello. I have two of your crystal dragons and neither one lines up properly when closed. All my printers are calibrated and functioning correctly

I'm not sure what you mean?

When you close the eggs all the way, the two sides don't match up

They do! The first lock usually requires a bit of force due to the tight fit. Also make note that the insides of the egg have a little CW in there, those should line up!

I got it figured out. Thanks for responding! I did have a problem with one I printed at 175%. It was a little hard to open and close, but I think it's getting broke in a little.

Good Morning, i bought the Crystal Dragon, Articulating Flexi Wiggle Pet, Print in Place, Fantasy. when i unzipped all the files there was quite a few corrupted files. the Crystal Drangon New legs short tail curled,rectangle, straight. are all corrupted. is there a way to get these corrected?

i used winrar when this happens sorry left that out.

I'd recommend re-downloading and using a different program

Hello, I am trying to open the poison apple .3mf file, but I get the error "ConfigBase::set_deserialize() failed for parameter "gcode_flavor", value "marlin2"". What slicer did you use?

It was made in Prusa Slicer so it should work in Prusa and any Prusa derivatives

hmm okay, thats what I was trying

Good Evening. I purchased your grenurtle file for my printer. I have no issues opening up the file with the connected head. However the file with the head separated is not opening for me. For reference the file is labeled: Grenurtle PopHead_RemovedEXLink. I tried opening the file in Cura and in mesh mixer but neither worked unfortunately. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!

OHH never mind. Guess I should have read the comments below. I used WINRAR instead and it worked perfectly!

Glad it worked!

the crystal dragon and witch turtle files where empty for me not sure what to do i ordered the crystal dragon on myminifacorty and it worked no problem but i really dont want to purchase the turtle again just to get it to work

Hey there! I would recommend trying a different program to unzip the files. I'm not sure what is going on but it seems sometimes the Cults files are just messed up. I have no control over this as the files have been uploaded properly, sorry about that!

Hi I hope you can help me I can not do anything with this file it say. Windows cannot complete the extraction. The destination path is to long. Rename the compressed [zipped] folder and try again

Hey there I would try a different zip program such as winzip or 7zip

i purchased this by accident thinking it was the print for the small dragon that is displayed in the picture not looking for a refund but looking for the small crystal dragon

The baby crystal dragon is a subscriber exclusive! You can check out the Baby Crystalwing too1

Hello Boss,

Can I know the orignal size of the 3d file you selling?
It's bent, I want to know its length when straightened.


About 12 inches I do believe!

I am printing the model at 50% and 75% but am finding the tail starts to stick together at about 3/4 downt towards the tip, I have an elegoo neptuen 3 pro, andy idea on how to fix,

Hey there! We recommend the models between 60-100% and for any sticking we recommend dialing in bridges and overhangs!

how do i print this when my software says the file name is to long and i cant change it

I'm not sure which file it is you are having issues with. These comments aren't tied to a specific listing, if you let me know which one I can try and reupload it with a new file name, otherwise you'll just have to change it somehow.

just ordered the crystal dragon and the file is empty after i unzip it

witch turtle was empty too

i got mine working i just kept downloading different unzipping apps until i found one that did it right

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Do you ever do designs by request? I was trying to find a designer to do a Shrimp and Blue Crab.

I do not, sorry!

Hey- fantastic designs and thank you for your service!

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Thank you!

Hi, I'm planning on subscribing in order to have the option to sell printed models, I realise I will only receive new releases however if i purchase older models can I still sell them or can I only sell future releases.


You can sell ANY model past or present as physical prints as long as you are an active subscriber!

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do you have any other files modded by redsyns other than crystal dragon?

We do not!

hello i bought the crystal dragon file and when i unzip it cura says the file is empty if i go back to my unzipper it shows after unzipping there are still 2 files that are zipped and if i try to unzip them it says they are damaged. would you have any idea what is going on or what im doing wrong

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I'm honestly not sure! Should just be as easy as unzip and go! I'm sorry!

use 7zip

im having the same problem

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