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Hey, I saw you have you have the fable hero doll models. I dont suppose you happen to have a version that has the characters in color?

cool models, working on making them printable now. I've found putting them through 3dbuilder first to fix errors allows the model to still have hair on the Kaori model, otherwise it loses its mind when you go to correct meshmixer to get rid of the base. once i make it solid it seems to again lose its mind but may be able to print and fill in the gaps. Any chance you've run prints of this?

There's no model titled 'Kaori' so I don't know what you're specifically referring to, but I did this stuff like over 2 years ago just as practice for making models printable so I could apply what I learnt to my own original sculpts, I don't doubt that some aren't perfect. Regardless of that, use Blender to remove bases via boolean functions it's better and easier I would never use meshmixer for anything, and most 'errors' on things like 3d builder etc are false positives or don't matter, relying on that sort of thing is for beginners, any actual issues can be seen visually in the slicer when you run through the layers

Thanks for the quick response, just now getting around to checking the emails. I guess i assumed the name wrong for the sculpt "Pose40Kaori.stl", and i'll just have to start playing with blender.

Thanks for the response again, and hope all is well on your end.

Haces figuras por encargo?

Exelentes tus trabajos.. sigue asi!!

Bro give me texture

Why would there be a texture? I've only uploaded 3D printing models.

Love your work, I want to print them all.

Gracias por tu advertencia del Genos