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The Iron Giant looks amazing! What do you think is the smallest I could scale to and still be able to print the parts?

Bonjour Monsieur,
Je vous contacte aujourd'hui pour que vous me designer, si possible gratuitement le logo BSB qui est la marque de vêtements de Gazo le rappeur avec un crochet pour s'en servir comme un porte clé.
Mon meilleur ami me la demander mais je ne sais pas le faire.
J'espère que vous aller accepté.
Au revoir et a bientôt.

El archivo de Stan le he intentado imprimir varias veces y siempre se imprime mal en los primeros minutos.

Thank you for making so many awesome models. My 3d printer is going to be occupied for some time! You are the best!

Hello budy, how are you?

I'm a Brazilian student so I don't understand your language that well. I came to talk to you about the sonic file, I saw that your original file was made in fusion 360. I had never seen anyone model something without using blender.

If you still have the original drawing file, could you send it to me? It would help so that I could understand how you made the piece step by step. The video on your channel shows the process, but it's sped up.
I will be very grateful if you answer me.

Hugs from Brazil

Hi there,
I'm just looking at your massive iron giant design and was wondering if you ever got round to making a scaled-down version of it?

Many thanks,



Hi, i would like to know if i could print your Stitch stl file and selling it on etsy or other platform.
I know that the license is creative common but Because Stitch is a Disney product it can be forbiden to make profit with it.
Thanks in advance

Hello, We are a company that produces filaments for 3D printers. I wanted to ask for a permission: we love your project and would like to buy it, 3D print using our filament and publish the photo after printing on our website. We would mark you as an author under the picture.

Qué onda bro volvi para descargar un archivo que compre y no se encuentra que procede

Buenas puedo utilizar uno de tus modelos para una futura tienda que quiero abrir. Un saludo

Hello, I was wondering if I can print and sell your Mandala Lace Skull? Love your work by the way. Thank you.

Hola! me podrias decir que parametros usas para imprimir la casa? recien estoy empezando con esto y se me complica el tema de los soportes..gracias! saludos! seba (me encanto el modelo!! snoopy salio perfecto! jaja)

me podrias explicar como se monta

Hello, I am trying to find Godzilla STL but it is not available for some reason. Could You please send me a link to buy/download it?
Thank You.

Your works is awesome :)

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Hola, estoy iniciandome en la impresión 3D y al descargarme la tetera de la Bella y Bestia, no me deja laminarla con Cura. La tapa sin problema, pero lo que es la tetera, no puedo. Como puedo solucionarlo? Gracias

There is a seller on Etsy selling a link to your iron giant model. You should get Etsy to pull it down. Here's the link to the listing.

It’s me Tim Postma aka @TimPatAlpostma just thought I would say hi to other designers who are my Twitter friends

Hi, Id love to be able to use your mosquito commercially.
Can I buy the permission to?
It would limited production us. a one off project resin printed at 10mm approx..
Let me know asap!

Hi, I've seen your Halo STL. on Cults3D and was very impressed, i would love to get a 3D model (preferably an STL) made of a Halo 5 Binary Rifle, please contact me as soon as possible about the possibilities and prices. Please contact me at

Good morning , love you Sunflower design , my wife asked me to message you to see if you would be able to cut the model so its just the head and to sit flat hanging on a wall , she wants me to print it big to hang outside
Thanks for you time


Incredible work sir! You probably get asked about commissions plenty, I'm new to the 3d printing world and while searching around your work stood out to me and I figured I'd ask if you were interested in creating some prints. I have the board game Down Force and I'm incorporating the Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart pieces and Mario Kart power ups to Down Force spicing it up. With that, I am needing the Pow Box, Feather, Super horn, Yoshi egg, and Blooper. Do you think you could make all these to the same scale as your Boo piece? I found someone who had done similar work here Depending on your time and interest in doing this project, and of course cost for me, I could give you the entire list of items I'm hoping to have for the game and see what you think.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope you and your family are safe during this pandemic.


Hello my friend, I am Serdar. You have downloaded my knife that I learned and designed to make new today, thank you