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Hi, I'm 17 and my name is Jake. I've been trying to design airplanes such as the 757 in Fusion 360 but I'm really struggling with the nose. I love your models and was wondering if you'd ever do paid CAD counseling. Thank you. Jake

HI! can you bring back the A220-300 fusselage ? ill be so happy about it !

Boa noite! Gostaria de comprar a fuselagem do boeing 747-8F!
Seria possível?

Olá! Boa noite! Gostaria de adquirir a fuselagem do boeing 787-8F.
Seria possível?

Do u have any model car stands

Good Afternoon, What has happened to all your models that you had for sale?

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Hi Clerxs; your airplanes are the best. Thanks for share this.
Recently I bought A220-300 mod; could you send my decals stencil for A220-100 and A220-300? I´ll appreciate
Thank you so much

Hi, thanks! At the moment I only have decals available for the A220-100, these can be downloaded from my Discord:

Good Morning.... is there any chance you may be building Boeing 737 Max and Gol (Brazil) Livery in the future? Tks

Hi, I would like to make a B737MAX at some point, but for the time being I am focusing on the development of the An-225.

Good Afternoon, I have your E190 STL, for the E170 fuselage does the print use the same wings, vertical & horizontal stabilizers and engines as the E190 or do you down scale these parts slightly in the slicer program.

Second question, is there any chance you may be building and Embraer ERJ 135/140/145 in the future?

Hi, the E170 uses the same wings, stabilizers and engines as the E190, it is not necessary to scale them down.

Unfortunately, I can't make any promises on the ERJ 135/140/145. I would like to have models of them as well but designing these models just takes that much time that I can't make any predictions for the future, I'm mainly focusing on the ones I'm currently working on (747-100,-200,-300).

Is there a Fuselage of a CRJ-200? like you said, for the E170 and the E175 they're in Fuselages, and they're not complete models

This is Evan.

Hi Evan, I don't have a fuselage of the CRJ-200 available at the moment but I would like to add this in the future.

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