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Thank you for your purchase!
Yes of course. I did this recently for another customer.
can you write mail to send files to it?
Thank you!

Hello there,

I was hoping you were able to help, I just purchased your Heavy repeating blaster and was wonder if you could explode the model and send individual component files? I only have Chitubox at the moment and have no means of doing this myself at the moment.

Kindly let me know and Happy Holidays,


Hey. there is an archive with separate parts for easy printing. i will update the archive here today

Question on the flamethrower - Want to purchase. Does it have a list of parts to purchase? Or allinclusive in the download file? Thanks

J'aime beaucoup votre travail sur la l'elucidator et je me demander si vous pourriez faire la dark repulser ce serait génial comme ca il y aura les 2 et ca vaut vraiment son prix

is the e-web blaster a 1:1 scale or is it smaller?

Hey. Write mail here.

I purchased the Spartan logo file, and need it as an svg file. Can you please help me convert it? Where do I send you my private email address?

Hello. Write me your email and I will send you the files separately.

Hello again.
I am using Simplify3D.
I can not cut the model up into parts.
Can you please recommend a program for me to do that?
Thank You very much

I do not have the original model. can't make clear sizes

Which model do you need?

Would you be able to make a 3d file of the Boring Flamethrower trigger? I need to 3D print a few as they are pretty flimsy. Let me know how much it would cost.

This model consists of 4 parts that you can print in different colors!

Would it be possible to have the STAR TREK TOS ORIGINAL SERIES SCOTTY 39S MAGNATOMIC SCOPE PROP cut into individual pieces so that I may print them in the different colors?
Thank You

Ready, I made the purchase

All right, in a while I'll make the purchase.

Hi, if I buy one of your models, can I use it as logo for my product?

Hola! Quiero hacer comprar llaveros 3D! ¿Cómo puedo contactar contigo para que contratarte? Mi teléfono es +34 646568561

Could not attach files in this dialog.
I updated them in the root folder, where you downloaded!
Try downloading them again!

Good day! Thanks for the great tip.
Now I look at the intersections. You can specify your mail. I will reset the corrected .obj and .stl file to you

so i purchased your cuban link 3d model.. only thing is, i cannot get it link with other links without it intersecting at some point. this doesnt seem to be an accurate model.

Hello! Unfortunately, I only sell files for self-printing on a printer. You will do it yourself cheaper than I will send you a printed model to you. Best regards, blackeveryday team

do you sell just the file or can you sell it already printed i need models for jewelry casting