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Actually yes, the whole Century Series!
Made the F-104 and F-105. The others are still in the list, so maybe. :)

Really enjoy your creations. Have you ever thought of doing a caricature of the F-101B Voodoo?

Hi Global, thank you!
It's great to get feedback and find how people enjoy this very personal kind of work.
In the beggining these were just a pet project, because I like cute planes but couldn't find my favorites in the Eggplane series, also an excuse to get back into Blender. Then things picked momentum, and now I know many people like you enjoy these fun models.
I'll try to keep improving, more detail, maybe accessories (like the brake chutes and such). You probably already know, but I post news in the FB Hasegawa Eggplanes page.

Hello Bandido,

Just Bought a whole bunch of your planes. Love it. Great Sculpts and planes are cute and adorable.
I also will be interested in landing gears for them, pilots, ground equipment (ladders, air compressors, bomb loaders, tractors, fuel trucks and hoses, etc.
If it is not too much to ask. *))) Your work is very good. Please continue.

Tornado IDS GR.3 is firm on my list.
A Bucaneer would also make a great "Fofi", as I call these, with those curvy fuselage lines.

Hi Bandido,

Thanks for posting these, they are AWESOME!!! I love the Egg planes and have just got the Vulcan, Victor and TSR2.

I'm just wondering, will you be doing an RAF Tornado at any stage?

Keep up the great work,


Hi, thanks.
I like many French planes, but to be honest the Flamant is not in plans for now. But the Mirage IV is, and some great prototypes from the 50's/60's too. Thinking Nord Griffon and the likes.
But thanks for the suggestion, it's noted.

Hi, I love your work and trying to print all your toon planes.
But, I hope you will create some French planes (cocorico), your mirage is wonderful (I paint it^^) but i'm working IRL on Dassault Flamant MD311 and MD312, and I hope to find a toon version one day ;)

Cool! Glad it worked. Can't wait to see the result.

Hello my friend. Hope your weekend is going well. The hp victor is now all printed perfectly. A couple of the engine's failed on the complete print but I think that was from not enough support. But happily the new 4nozzle file worked beautifully so I'm now ready to start putting it together and finish of the diorama. I'll post it on the Eggplane group when it's done. Thanks again for your help😁👍👍👍

Thank you! Glad you liked my little plane. Still figuring what's next, maybe an A-6A, maybe a Tornado IDS. Keep an eye on my profile.

printed lovely a nice bit of work. thanks

Thanks for downloading my models. Hope you enjoy them.
Please read my printing tips for useful advice, and let me know if there's any issue.
Also if you like cute planes, keep an eye on my profile, I regularly upload new models.
My work in progress is discussed in the "Hasegawa EggPlanes" Facebook group.

The next list is about 50's and 60's prototypes so the X-15 might show up!

Your Eggplanes are great looking. Thanks. Have you thought about doing a X_15 Eggplane?


I love the cute toy Eggplane models you are creating, would you be interested in creating some others for me? I will pay you for them if you like. I have a few unique Eggplanes I would like to add to my collection. Please contact me at if you are interested. Thanks. Tony

Sure, I'll upload the files into the model page. Can't promise it for today though.

Hey, I love your chibi airplane designs so I downloaded all. :) I have one question. Is it possible to cut the I16 in two parts? The plane and the windscreen. So I can print the windscreen with clear resin.
Look forward for your next creations. :)

Hello world!
If you don't know my 3D work, it includes a lot of cute toy airplanes.
I will be posting all my creations here soon, stand by!