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I bought your tank trooper 3d print files but they do not seem to contain the actual files for 3d printing, what is going on?

do you have full set of Doom 2016 wearable?

Is it possible to have only one hand with fingers and handplate?

Hello, I purchased your 2016 Doom Slayer but quality is low res when uploading to program...

Hello! I was wondering if I could get the Halo Reach Noble 6 Mark 5 Wearable Armor in stl and completely uncut because I would like to do the cutting myself.

наебалово, не соответсвует описанию файлы, продаёт гавно!

Hello! I was wondering - would I be able to pay for them being printed and painted for an extra amount of money? Let me know!

Has anyone that has bought any of the armor been able to convert the BIP format to STL or OBJ?

Hey I ordered your Captain Phasma 3d printable armor (order #14819302). But the files are in a .BIP format not an .OBJ or .STL format. Are there other files or a certain way to convert them to be able to use in a 3d slicer?

Hello, I'm going to buy this file... it looks amazing!!! Roughly how much filament does it require and how long to print?


I bought the Jet Trooper model from you and now I want to edit it in blender.
So, Could you convert the model to an OBJ or FBX file for Blender for me?
I also tried to integrate the BIP file in 3D Max, but there I get the error message that an error occurred while loading the file.



I cant open the Shore trooper armor files. they are marketed as printable, but do not come in any format that I can even open. Please contact me so we can figure this out, otherwise, buyers beware

Hello, i purchased your stormtrooper armor, but its is a very low polymesh, and looks all choppy, your images show a nice high resolution set of armor, am i missing something here? or maybe there was a mistake in your upload? i would like the high resolution armors please.

i just bought the stormtrooper file from you and i was wondering if you could cut the file and send it as an STL as i am having trouble opening the file let alone anything else cheers

Do you sell ready to wear costumes or its only files to print?

for you fallout power armor, are they sectioned out into multiple printable pieces? or is just one big print that the end user needs to try and break down?

Hola buenas,se podria imprimir una figura de batman con el diseño que tienes en vez del traje?

Hi I've just downloaded your sith armour files and they wont convert to STL for slicing, im finding it also very difficult to scale. can you forward some info please.

Bonjour; je viens de vous acheter Iron Man patriot ce jour.

Impossible de l'ouvrir car le fichier est endommager selon RAR opener.

Pouvez vous faire le nécessaire afin que je puisse imprimer mes pièces.

Hi, I'm intersting about the armor of sith trooper. I belong to the 501st Legion and I have a armor stormtrooper ANH. Our costumes aren't cosplay they are copies faithful to what appears in the films. The photos you show are not from the stl file with textures, right? They look more like the photos of the toy doll.

I would only be interested if you could confirm that the pieces of the armor are faithful to what you see in the film.

Thanks for your job and your answer.

Bonjour; votre armure peux être realiser a partir de mensuration personnel?

I paid $100 AUD and only got a single OBJ file that was stolen from somewhere else. Poor form Cults this account should be removed.

Hello! I want to buy the STAR WARS FIRST ORDER SNOW TROOPER WEARABLE ARMOR, but I only have 210 x 210 x 205 mm of print space, can I actually print it? If not, is there a fee for model splitting on smaller volumes?

Hey, I have bought the x-01 armor wearable. But it's only a. Bip in there? What should I use to open it how I get it in fusion 360? Ty

Hey, I have bought the x-01 armor wearable but I can't open the .Bip. What a Program i need? Was thinking its a stl. Or fusion 360 dates... Ty

Seller account inactive now but for some reason cults admins still do not delete active lisitngs. I've contacted with seller and he tell me that

Hello I buyed and downloaded the Batman arkham knight full wearable armour but i become 1 .bip file that can't be opened. It can't be printed 3D. It's not a 3D printing format. There is written that it's can be 3D printed but it is not! I will my money back or the stl files that can be 3D printed!

hello i downloaded the file and i becoma only 1 bip file that cant be opened. i payd for the file what i can 3D print.

Hey there I purchased your commander wolf armor and I cant get the individual parts. can you tell me how to get them. I downloaded the file but the file only has a single full 3d image. I use the creality slicer so if that has something to do with that, can you let me know what you do. thanks.

I am gonna report this account for copyright.

What I don't understand is how you're stealing multiple 3D models and selling them.

Hello i;m here to ask about Doom Slayer armour First is it in parts so i can print it in like Zortrax M200 plus Printer , and second Is there a way to scale it since i;m 194 cm and i'm gonna need to scale each part to fit me if that is even possible


On your Captain Phasma Full COstume, how are the parts cut to be worn? I can't see the back of the model due to the cloak. I was just curious.


Bonsoir j'ai télécharger le fichier de dark Vador pour 49 euros mais le fichier de n fonctionne pas que faire c'est vraiment trop cher pour un fichier qui ne fonctionne pas il me le faut pour Ender 3 Pro en Gcode

Hola amigo, me interesa la armadura de batman arkham pero yo tengo una impresora anet et4 de 22 x22 x25 cms, y yo mido 1,83, hay alguna posibilidad de cortar las partes para que calzen en mi impresora??

Star Wars Shoretrooper Wearable Armor
Why say you Comes in separated parts that's not the way it can't print ?

Hi can I print the WAR MACHIJE IRON PATRIOT on the ender 3 ? how much extra would the cutting ?

Hello, I purchased from you iron-man-mark-85-full-armor, but there were no stl files to download, but only one bip file, I would like to receive what I paid for.


Looking at the Doomguy suit... I was just curious if you have any photo's of prints? Or screen shots of the model themselves (just like 1, back or a foot, whatever)? I'm trying to print a suit, and am happy to pay for the model, but I wanna make sure I can even print these hehe.

Hello Chris ;) Please message me @ gmail. com and i can send you more photos ;)

I would like to purchase the files for the Tanktroper, as it is a good deal. I need although to know before I buy them, whether in the inside the .rar file there is a .stl file included. Thanks much, and if so, I will buy it! Chris