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Hi, I'm looking for something like this but in the form of a dragon instead of a wolf. Could you make me one?
Willing to pay for the job.
Outstanding work, btw!

Hi Lucas! I LOVE this! I am making three for my mudroom! I will send you a photo when done. If you make any more please let me know, I love to paint animals in their natural colors! You did an AWESOME job on this! wish I had your talent!! Have a wonderful day! Sincerely,...Robin

Hello Robin! Thanks for the compliment! Hope you had fun printing and painting. I look forward to seeing this.
Best regards Lucas

Hi! I love your wolf coat rack. Could you make a bear one?

Hi! I'm glad you liked it. I'm going to look into the possibility of making the bear.

hello I bought your parrot beak file but, inside I found only one version with one screw, not the one with two. Can you tell me why? Thank you

Hi! The file name is "Parrot's beak - base - 2 screwslots version". It must be included in the downloaded files. If not, check if the model purchased was the "Eagle Beak Coat Rack", this model has only the one screw version, but will be updated soon. Hope this helps!

Hello I love all your work and all your designs. But 1 in particular caught my attention and that would be : I would love to be able to create and sell these and work with you aswell to create new designs and ideas. Of course everything will come with royalties and files will be paid for. If this does not fit your agenda at the current moment, then no worries best regards and thank you for your time.

Hi! You can sell the Wolf Coat Rack, as long as it is produced in 3d printing and gives credit for authoring the model. Thank you for contacting me and I'm glad you like my work.

hola! compre e imprimi el pico de ave tropical y al colgarle algo no baja... me podrías orientar? gracias

Is this you or is someone profiting in you?

Hola Markoscbv, a veces los gifs tardan unos minutos en aparecer en la página, o el tamaño del archivo puede estar por encima del límite de 10 MB. Si estas no son las razones, puede ser interesante hablar con cults para averiguar por qué. Espero haber ayudado ;)

Hola Lucas, me podrías decir como haces para subir los gif? yo lo he intentado y me sale el simbolo en lila de cults pero no se reproduce el gif en mi creacion. (es un archivo .gif)

Muchas gracias!


First of all, i would like to tell you that your work is great!

I am myself a 3d modeler and a maker, and i have a lot of request from my customers. From any kinds.
Your eagle beak coat rack would be something interesting for a few of them, but i am not the king of guy who's gonna buy the stl and sell the thing without asking. Never. I respect your work, and i am expecting the same thing for mine, so i was wondering if you would let me sell a few of those on my FB page and to some of my customers.

If you dont want to, i would understand. Feel free to be honest! ;) I could make one myself, but i prefer encouraging another maker if its already done and its save me time on the other side.

Thanks a lot for your time, come back to me when you have 2 minutes.

Excuse my poor english, lil french guy here.



Boa tarde Lucas! Gostei ver um brasileiro fazendo projetos tão legais! ta de parabens!
comprei seu bico de papagaio! logo compro mais
eu vi que a licença está em CC mas gostaria de saber se posso ofertar ele, abri uma empresa de impressão 3D, para enfeites e utilidades.
pergunto por que gostaria que fizessem o mesmo comigo, se um dia eu chegar no seu nivel de desenho!
e vou respeitar sua decisão se não quiser que eu comercialize, desde já muito obrigado!

Hello, we liked your products. You are an amazing designer. We would like to produce and sell some of them. -of course after buying each of them- do you mind if we use your pictures? If you accept we will be so happy my friend. Thanks in advance :) best regards.

Hola no me deja descargarlo, gracias.

Hola Frannve, me alegro que te haya gustado el modelo. Recomiendo usar al menos dos rondas de perímetro y hasta 0.2 de altura para la capa. Perdón por la demora en responder.

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Hello Chazy, I recommend using 30% infill, height of 0.2 and at least 2 turns of perimeter. For this printing I did not use supports, but you can print on a small scale to judge if it is necessary for the filament you use. Good print!

Hello. I bought your dragonfly bottle holder. Can you share you settings?! Like infill, support, layer eight, etc?!

Hola muchas gracias por el diseño !, una consulta cuál es la mejor manera de imprimir los picos ?. Desde ya gracia y espero más diseños de tu parte.

Hola muchas gracias por el diseño !, una consulta cuál es la mejor manera de imprimir los picos ?. Desde ya gracia y espero más diseños de tu parte.

Hello Lucas,

I really love your parrot beak design. I want to offer the 3D printed parts to my friends for profit. Is it okay with you if I sell them the printed objects?

I loved your parrot beak. I downloaded it and made 4! Could you make a chicken version? I have a chicken mad friend.

I have been trying to purchase both the parrot and eagle coat rack but for some reason I am having a lot of trouble doing so. Do you happen to sell these 2 files on another site like maybe Please let me know if you do because I would really like to purchase them and apparently I cant do so on this site.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Obrigado pela resposta! A ideia era pendurar uma bolsa leve, talvez dê certo. Se não der pra esse fim, dá pra outros de qualquer jeito. O cults coloca no carrinho final como se custasse 9.43 euros.. assim que eu conseguir resolver isso no site, eu compro. Parabéns pelo modelo!

Boa tarde, Zanvettor. Isso vai depender das configurações e do material que você usa. Para pendurar toalhas ou casacos, como moletons por exemplo, eu recomendo usar duas voltas de perímetro, isso até para PLA, e não terá problema. Não sei o quão pesado é o que pretende pendurar, mas você pode utilizar um material com maior resistência mecânica e mais voltas de perímetro para amentar a capacidade do cabide. Obrigado pela pergunta e espero ter ajudado!

Boa tarde, amigo. Antes de eu comprar um dos modelos, só queria tirar uma dúvida. Você sabe dizer se o Eagle Beak coat hanger suporta uma coisa um pouco mais pesada?