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saw the snake one, any chance you would make a Loba staff? (from apex legends) worth asking lol

Trying to print the fidget keychain and I'm getting a weird ban on the dome. It's at the same height if I print it at 75% or 125% it's at the same height across them all. But it's just this file, it doesn't do it in any others. Any thoughts?

I downloaded the commercial license of the UFO, and when I try to paint the UFO Keychain, the center portion of the model, the thrust is not one model and won't take a paint fill.

so this model was designed in a way that would allow the mechanism to function properly, you can go into the paint function and click on the section view and adjust the slider to paint the inside parts. if your just trying to change the color you shouldn't need todo anything more then change the color on the left filament selection menu

It just didn't make sense, because the other model that comes with the keychain file, it's simple to recolor the inside colors, but this one seems to have a ton of triangles in the most inner part. There's actually a warning on the keychain that processing more than 1 million triangles may take a long time, while the model without the keychain ring on top does not get this warning, and recolors easily.

Collapsing Bamboo Pole: What are your setting for a Raft or Brim? Printing on P1P. worried about the center rings coming lose.

the settings should automatically import when loading the 3mf file if your printing on the textured bed id recommend cleaning it with dish soap to ensure you have no oil residue from your hands

I slice in multiple layer heights and speeds and each time the inner two shoots keep shifting during the print and fusing and the item won't extend or extend fully. I have a bambu x1 carbon. is there something Im missing in my settings to get a successful print?

so the 3mf files are already set to the recommended settings, id suggest printing at the normal default speeds to reduce the chances of a layer shift since there's many parts and its a fairly difficult file to print (side note i apologize for the late response notifications somehow got disabled)

so i bought both files and they have the license with them, but they were the price of the normal not the commercial. just want to make sure I got the right one to be able to sell them once I get going a little more with printing. please let me know and thanks in advance.

sorry for the late response for some reason notifications were turned off on this account when it was setup, if you've purchased the commercial version you will see a text document with email information you will need to fill out and send to us

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ok well i got that with the chains i just downloaded but idk what my order # is/where to find it and arnt you the seller and cults the website?

So I found the order # seems like I might have jumped the gun because when I downloaded the first two (bambu pole and spaceship) there was only one showing and it was the noncommercial ones.

the stl file takes forever slice in cura, is that normal?
also how can I print a smaller pole? do I just scale it smaller?

extremally sorry for the late reply notifications were turned off on this account... if you want to print it smaller you'd need to adjust the scale from the menu on the left in cura, slow slicing could happen for multiple reasons unfortuantly i personally havent had issues myself

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