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16 commentaires

Excellent work on the Conan Sword. Any Chance you have his Fathers Sword in the works?

I can't unzip the zip file within the downloaded zip file. It seams to be empty.
It's wierd coz it looks like it's about 200MB in size but my computer tells me it is empty and can't be unziped.
Any suggestions?

How do you print Kenshin's legs? I can't get them to print properly.

LOVE THE SKELETOR! but cannot get the boots to work in cura, all other parts printed any suggestions??

Hay any idea how to make 3d text #VWTEAMSLO

merci pour le fichier stl de skeletor mais au moment de décompresser ca ne marche pas.
avez vous une solution.

the conan atlantean sword file will not open keep getting a compression error can you reupload it ? or email me the zipped file directly i really would like to try to print this love your work btw

I love the Skeletor, but the files are no good. :(

Hi, there is a problem with the Skeletor fold. It won't open. Could you reupload the files ? thx in advance.

Hey, i was trying to get a copy of your Skeletor, and am unable. Is there another method to obtain it?

This person stole all of these files!!! They do not belong to this user, the user is a theif!

hi, I can't open the final folder of berserk and skeletorn

bye, congratulations for really beautiful models. I wanted to signal that I downloaded Berserk but the zip file does not work. you could fix it thanks

I have tried a few files and none work and i get the same message for all

Hi i have tried printing your files but after unzipping it says file archive empty