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I downloaded the Baylan Skoll Armor pack and it appears to be missing the second part of the shoulder as shown in the pictures. Could you please provide that. thanks

Hello, the files are complete. Check the cut STL folder.

Is the Baylan Skoll model missing the lower part of the shoulder piece?

Hello, the files are complete. Check the cut STL folder

hi there, I absolutely love your design and presentation of the helmet. I'm making my 8 year old the sabine wren cos and pulling out all the stops. I have already printed out and are midway through the armor's crazy paint, but are finding details im not happy with.. That said, I was wondering if the model you offer comes with the helmet as a whole (minus the ear pieces / rangefinder) in one piece. I dont care to reassemble in blender as I tend to miss something by a mm or so, and, im sure you get it.. ANyhow, for my daughter, the main helmet is sized at 87%, and easily fits on the bambu in one shot. More importantly, I more interested if the model comes with a stencil of the paint patterns that is sizeable? As well, if looks like it has a visor template, want to confirm that is included. Anyhow, let me know and again.. wow.. this is a fantastic appearing design..

Hello! Thanks! Yes, the Sabine helmet can be printed in one piece. The visor template and visor holder are included, no painting stencils though.


Regarding the Ork Dread Riders: Almost every mount includes handlebar mounts when the arms for the riders themselves have the handlebars already in their hands.. which.. means that unless I damage the model with clippers (which you can't properly do with resin models) there's no way to use those arms properly. Only the Nob ram version has spaces for them naturally.Wondering if this is an oversight. Instructions might also be nice.

Boy's Mecha Hens have handlebars fixed firmly, and they will need to be clipped off. As for the Nobz and Warboss, their bikes are already 3D printed without handlebars by default, and then the handlebars are glued on if not held in one hand.

Hi, I just purchased your "Horns collection 1 " and I'm trying to slice the HORNS55 model and getting errors near the tips (unsupported material). It appears ok on the model, but whatever I do it ends up with floating bits. I enable thin walls, printing at smaller layer height, changing orientation etc.

Can you please check if there are issues with the model?

Update - I've done rough mesh repair in Fusion 360 that will do the job, but if there is a better fix to the model would be appreciated

hi on the zhongli horns on the picture where its on the print bed what are the smaller parts for many thanks

could you also tell me a rough estimate on how long this print would take? many thanks

Hello! These are optional mounting pins. You can glue them on a headband or sew them into a wig. Roughly 8 hours for each. Depends on the infill and other settings though.

ah i see! thankyou so much for your reply :)

Hi. Purchased the Flying Ikran. Trying to slice on BuildBee but it says the file is too large. What other program could I use to create a Gcode for my i3 Mega?

Artcam works fine whit this file

Prusaslicer allows you to import any printer dimentions as well, should work too

Thank you! Will give them a try.

Hola, estoy interesado en tu colección de varitas, pero soy nuevo en esto. Me acabo de compra runa impresora de resina, la Halot Merge Pro 8k de Creality y deseo saber si no tendré problema al imprimir varias varitas de una sola impresión. Además también estaría interesado en una colección de funko pop de Harry Potter. Help me, please! Saludos.

Hello! Of course, you can print the wands on an SLA printer! Make sure to create a hollow space to save resin and check some tutorials on preparing the files in your slicer.
We don't plan to create any funko-pop-inspired figures.

Is there a diagram for positioning the teeth on the movable version of Denji helmet?

Yes, in the product gallery

Hello i juste see you project to hold the pokemon card with a beautiful support but my 3D printer has not an enough tray to print your model so is it possible to you to reduce the size of the support of 77 % but keeping the slot for the card at the same size. Thank you !

Hello! Sorry, we won't be changing the design of the stands.

Hello, I bought Sabine wren's blasters and the blaster B magazine doesn't fit in the body :(

Hello I updated the files! Feel free to print the new grip or scale the magazine down a bit to fit your already printed grip.

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Hello ! Thanks for the update ! Unfortunately, i've printed the new grip and scale down the magazine but it still don't fit (Sorry for my english, it's not my natural langage ^^)

I'm running a test-print and will get back to you asap!

Can i print den HK Doird Helmet on a elegoo saturn printer?
With kind regards

Hello! Sure! You might need to cut come parts into smaller pieces pieces though.

Are you gonna make the other pokemon gens as low poly figures i love gen 1 and gen 2 low poly mon

Sure! We're already working on the next gens!

Curious to know if there is a way I can purchase only the wings and shin guards for the Namor set?

Hello, contact me at

Hi, I bought namor's armor but there is one piece missing: the back part of the necklace between "necklace part 001" and "necklace part 003"

Hello! The files are updated now, apologies!

How do the piece go together for the infinity gauntlet? Do I need so make hinges or something along those lines for it to work?

That would work too, but we recommend gluing the pieces on a black work glove :)

ok thank you

Your work is Amazing . Can I sell your physical models to my clients ?

Thank you! Yes, you can sell the physical prints as long as you link to my STL

Hi there! Just purchased your ultrahand model and super excited to get started! I know you have some details in the description but I was wondering if you would be able to provide more detailed print and support settings? I have an Ender 3 and I am still somewhat new to printing. Thanks!

Layer height 0.2 mm
Infill 15%
Brim 8mm
Supports 45° - I recommend organic supports in Prusaslicer, these worked great for me

Hi I was wondering if you still had the file for "Lyrium Infused Staff - Dragon Age" the post seems to have been removed and I was wondering if there was a way you could send it?

Hello! Sure, I still have the files, you can email us at

I downloaded the 6underground mask, however the cut file has all of the pieces in one file, how do I separate them into individual pieces to print them one at a time?

Files are updated! You can click the "separate objects" button in your slicer when this happens :)

I downloaded the forest stl but can't find the body files

In the render images, the gear is used on our free body! :)

what are the print settings

written in the model's description

should I cut the cutter handle?

there are no stl files of the wheels themselves with traces? for the cura. i'm newbie :(

I tried online converters but the scale breaks (

It's in OBJ, which prints exactly same as STL! :)

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