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Wrist brace

Description du modèle 3D

PLA wrist brace, printed flat in open shape, next bended on the wrist of the patient after heating in hot water.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Take a paper pattern modelled on the wrist of the patient.
After measuring, draw the shape on the software you like and design a solid form.
Extract the g.code, print flat and dip the 3D-printed component in hot water.
Take the piece out the water with tweezers (the print is still hot), wait a couple of seconds to drain all residuate of hot water and put directly on the wrist of the person to shape the part.
Let cool down the support, you can also use compressed air to speed up cooling.
Shape the tutor on the wrist of the patient and repeat the procedure until the form is correctly modelled.


+LAB is the new 3Dprinting lab of Politecnico of Milan. Our team is composed by designers and engineers conducting academic research on this amazing technology!




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