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Triena Hi-Fi Bluetooth headset case

Description du modèle 3D

Triena is Hi-Fi Bluetooth headset with built-in audio codec aptX and 3D printed case.
Triena is Bluetooth pendant that will be an excellent and original gift for music lovers, lovers of good music and pure sound.
There were developed several variants decorated buttons on the device Butterfly and Dragonfly for women as well as the Jolly Roger and X-wing for lovers of contemporary filmography.
Pendant works with any phone based on Android and iOs. The module is integrated audio codec aptX.
Pendant can be used as a wireless headset. You can connect electret microphone and get high quality wireless headset.
The casing consists of three parts.
The control buttons are located on the upper part of the body and stylized figures of butterflies, dragonflies or any other figure.
The center button PLAY, the top two volume (UP or DOWN), the bottom two switch tracks the player.
The power button at the bottom (tail butterflies and dragonflies), in the "Jolly Roger" button is made as a segment of the cover.
Carbine fixing earphones and adjust their length is made with a plastic case and two magnets.
Other solutions are possible with the help of jewelery castle.
F-3188 module is based on the chip CSR8645.
Six buttons control, LiPo 130mA battery and a housing adapted to be printed on 3D printer.
Buttons type TACTB-64K-F, PCB thickness of 1 mm.
All resistors, capacitors and LEDs - SMD0805.
Charging chip - STC4054, it reduces the number of components.
Plug the charger micro-USB.
The module does not require programming and all that is needed for it to work it a few parts, printed circuit board and the housing.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Printer: Prusa i3
Infill: 0,15



Hi! All my models were created in the program 123D design.




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